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As a teenager, I was very active on a message forum called Final Fantasy Online which was where I was introduced to the AVA World.  One of the moderators decided to do a Radio Play of Final Fantasy VII (as this was before video capture and sharing was a household thing).  I was stoked!  How amazing to be a part of a project that would give life to a video game I loved.  I didn't have the right voice for Yuffie but was told I'd be a perfect Tifa - if only I could nail down the delivery.  One of the Producers worked with me a lot and when the cast list was about to be posted I thought I had it in the bag.  I was very disheartened to see the moderator/producer had cast herself.  However, I was now hooked to this concept and I discovered there was other forums dedicated to these projects.

Unfortunately, I was a very shy monotone teenager and never received many roles (only roles I would get was the monotone person - if even).  High school graduation came and went and I moved to start college.  Needless to say this all went on hold as I explored myself and grew as a person.  When I landed back home again, I decided to give it another shot.  To my great surprise I was being cast A LOT.   I guess my life experience had allowed me to add some emotion to my auditions.  The sad thing was 90% of these cast projects never got off the ground.

Over the years, I've on and off been active.  Recently, I've discovered my love of mixing and to ensure I would be heard have started my own project.  I self cast as the lead not because I'm full of myself but, because I want the practice for my acting.  

One of the only steady projects I'm a part of that is not my own is a fandub of Final Fantasy VIII where I play Quistis.  I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this especially as a character I so related to growing up!  

Thanks for reading!


None!  I'd take whatever I can get.  Unfortunately, I'm to broke to pay anyone for my projects.  Maybe one day.



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