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Voice Actor
  • Skills
    Watching anime
    Directing assitance
    Voice Acting
    Script Editing
    Script writing
    writing stories and scripts
    Writing Scripts
    Writing Stories
  • Genders
  • Languages
    Spanish (Barely)
    Japanese (Singing)
    English (Fluent)
  • Ages
  • Accents
    Bad Australian
    Australian (sometimes its iffy)
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I am 13 years old and just got into voice acting (and acting in general) over summer. Not only just acting, but I am becoming an animator, an artist, a percussionist, and more! I have just gotten interested in anime, so I am willing to dub and/or voice abridged series! I am also willing to voice in Minecraft roleplays, since I have been playing the game for 4 years now.

--------More info on stuff below!--------

Demos of my Japanese singing, British voice and more are coming soon!

Contact Info: (when you add me please remind me of who you are and what role you gave me)

Skype: (only if I am voice acting for you)

Discord: Zari #2756 (talk to me [in general] or about my roles)

Twitter@StuffWithZari (notices about stuff, what I'm doing)

Instagram: (no official account yet)

Wattpad@WordsByZari (stories)

Snapchat: NONE (won't let me log in)
Tumblr: NONE (maybe getting one)

Fill this out if you need me! (or if I don't reply to you within a week)


I am willing to do it for free, as of right now and probably until I start highschool, so I am free until August 2018, or until I am experienced enough to earn money. As of right now, you can only ask about a full page worth of words at a time. (a week or two between the previous one)


Finished Projects:

As of January 23:

I have 2 lead roles and 5 supporting roles. As well as one scripting role and being a lead artist.


If you want to know about voices, just ask me!

FAQ About Voices:

How good is your Japanese singing?
I have only sung a few, but not professionally. I don't know how to speak Japanese, I just look at the Japanese lyrics. I am Filipino-American and when I was little I spoke Tagalog, which helps with the pronunciation of the words. (i.e I have sung along to Hikaru Nara by Goose House (From Your Lie In April), Flyers by Bradio (Death Parade), Sakura Kiss (from Ouran Highschool Host Club) I have not seen YLA or Death Parade, only sung along to the intro, sadly.

Also, I was in choir for 2 years (4th and 5th, currently I am in 8th)

How good is your British accent?
It is self taught via YouTube. I watched DanTDM when I was younger and now watch Dan & Phil. I get it mixed up with some Australian (I don't even know how, I only watch one Australian YouTuber and that's DrawWithJazza, which I watch occasionally)

For Minecraft Roleplays, are you able to play in-game?
As of now, no. I don't have it on PC, and I am planning to get a new laptop/computer next year, when I get into highschool. I do have PE, but my iPad is old and laggy when it comes to games. For my phone, its Android (I own it on Apple) and I don't have any money on it.

How many and what animes have you seen? (As of January 22)
Not in order, Akame Ga Kill, Hatarakou Maou Sama (The Devil is A Part-Timer!), Masamune Kun's Revenge, Ladies Versus Butlers, Ouran High School Host Club, Campione, Highschool of the Dead, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and most recently Monster Musume. Some animes I have seen parts of are Full Metal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, SAO, Parasyte, and Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise (the last two are via my older brother).  I have a lot more in mind but those are my top priority. Keep in mind I just started getting into anime late 2017.

Some anime references from those :3 (mostly from dubs)
BLACK PEPPER FRIES! "Drills." What is it now, Daddy? (It's not anything dirty I swear) He can run, for a fatass. Darling!~ She told me you said some shit like, "I got this!" High in calories.

What is your experience in writing? (As of January 22)
I have written stories on  Wattpad for 2 years. The very first ones being really bad and the recent ones really good. I didn't have much of a plot but I have a lot of detail, character development and more. I just started remaking my old stories on my current account, StuffByZari (I am really thinking about the stories and plots, which is why nothing has been added for a long time.) My original being QueenofSurvival. I am very proud of my progress, though.

What is your experience in voice acting/acting?
I started acting, in general, this year. But I have been in fine arts for a while now. I was in Choir 4th to 5th grade, I joined band in 6th grade, I did Drama and Music class last year, and joined Drama and Music again along with Speech and Acting Club. I got into acting over summer, and I practiced in my head, never doing it aloud. When I got into my club, I was able to put it to the test and our director even said, word for word, "How come I haven't seen you in any plays?" Apparently, I was good when I rehearsed my monologue in front of her. (I practiced 3 times before that.)

What games do you play? (As of January 22)
I have been playing Minecraft for 4 years, played Destiny here and there, played CoD 2 and CoD 2 Black Ops here and there (I don't prefer FPS games but I will play if insisted by my brother) Nintendo games such as Super Mario World (3DS), Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Tomodachi Life, Pokemon (Pearl [DS], White [3DS], X [3DS], Alpha Sapphire [3DS] and Moon [3DS]) and more. I'm not a huge gamer as I used to since I am conversing myself in more fine arts now.

How good are you in art? (As of January 22)
My major style is a blend between cartoon and anime. I draw cartoon bodies, but simplified versions of anime eyes. As well as just doing cartoon and anime separately. My anime style is really good on anime boy hair, but no coloring yet. I just started drawing anime this year, which I am actually pretty good at in such short time (2 months). My art is mainly people, which I wasn't unable to draw when I was younger, because the body is so unique and I want to work on it really well before I branch off far into others. As for how long, I was drawing at the ages 6-8 (due to school not supporting my art), took a break for three years, then started drawing again at the age of 11. I started working hard since last year.

Any other information you can ask me via CCC chat, email or social media and if I get asked it often then I will add it here!

Casting Calls and Auditons

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