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Voice Actor
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    Audio Editing (Basic)
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    English (Fluent)
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    Middle Age
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    British RP
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Hi. I'm Paul EK. I am a 54 year old British/English male who does VO for a hobby, but who would like to do this for a living. At present I train adults, so I talk all day. In my spare time I participate in amateur dramatics, so standing in front of people isn't unusual for me. I believe that due to this experience I can act well when it comes to doing voice work. My voice has been described as, warm, deep, brown, dark, brooding, intelligent, and with excellent diction, and that wasn't just my mum that said that. I am told my voice would suit audio books as well as documentary style work. I did a little audition piece on here, in a French accent, and managed to get what for me was a surprising amount of up votes. It seems I have quite a wide vocal range which means I am open to doing character work if required. If I have something worthwhile using I am happy to try it out and see where it goes, but I am wise enough to be told when to give it up for the benefit of the ears of others if need be. To date I've managed to do some adverts and announcements for a Crewe based community radio station, as well as one that broadcasts in California apparently via syndication. I'm also the voice of "An Audio Listener's Guide to Adequate Hearing" with Farnham Sound Vault, I have done a bit of work with a Northamptonshire museum as the voice in an exhibit and somehow, through a contact, I have managed to get a short story onto Amazon's audio book store. If this bio seems a bit long, it's because VO excites me a lot and I would like to be able to do some more. I will upload a voice reel in due course as I've only just signed up on here. Thanks for reading.


I use the UK Voice Over Rate Guide as a rough guide. So I will look at mutually reasonable but not silly prices. 


This is the Cat Radio - Crewe and Nantwich

Farnham Sound Vault - An Audio Listeners Guide to Adequate Hearing: 
Kelmarsh Hall Museum
Amazon Audio Book
Local camera and video club

Local community projects
Various student sound and physically acted projects


Casting Calls and Auditons

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