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    Southern American (USA)
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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

From "Fan" to "Professional"

As many of us voice actors started out as fans of the things we love, I have chosen the path of the voice actor for a simple reason:

"The various emotions and life-lessons I have witnessed through fictional characters, I want to bring to others, too."

I voice act out of passion. The possibility to give an audience a moment of reflection, laughter, sadness, or self-consciousness through other characters is my main reason to become a voice actor.

Love what you do and you never have to work again

Voice acting is my side-job which I strive to make it my main-source of income. I don't want to be famous or rich. My purpose is to be able to feed myself and have a roof over my head (a vocal booth would be enough).


A "Thank You!" to everyone who pays for VA
My main concern is to do the very best to bring your project to life.

$ My basic rate is at 40 USD/hour.

If your rate has been stated in the project, I automatically accept that rate by sending in an audition.


Final Fantasy In a Nutshell Animated Parody by fullmetalraz

Vincent Fallow as Galuf & Exdeath

The Highlands - Fantasy Audio Drama by KillToe

Vincent Fallow as Torin


"Vincent is very talented and
enthusiastic, his communication was very prompt and I received my audio
well before I even expected it with no problems. Would gladly work with
him again!"

"Vincent is a
hardworking, professional standard VA. Throughout our time working
together, he has provided sensational work for me. In our first
recording session, he did a battle scene that was absolutely
sensational. I've never met a VA who is so dedicated to their craft as
Vincent is. As well as being an astounding actor, Vincent is also
extremely easy to work with and direct. I can't thank him enough for
being part of my project and bringing life to Torin."

"Great voice, very proactive, professional and friendly, highly recommended voice actor!"

by argear1

"I may only be working with him on small roles at
the moment but this guys chill, has awesome chops and is always a step
ahead of the game. 10/10 would work with again!

Casting Calls and Auditons

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