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I stream on twitch as ValorsVoices and have my own youtube channel now that i'm producing content on. If would like to see more of my audio book or in general voice acting you're more than welcome to check those out as well.

I've been working as a 7ft tall stilted transformer for about two years now. Thought it might be time that I take my voice that I use every day for comedy and apply it for some bigger projects! In those two years and counting I've gotten the privilege to work under some big names such as Feld Entertainment, Tampa Bay Rays, and their have been many others that have contracted me before. I enjoy applying my bright personality and quick wits to anything comedy related, especially when it comes to banter. I'm currently working with a group at the moment on their own halo fan game, and a couple other smaller projects. But I will do my best to get to everyone that I can! I look forward to working with you all in any way that I can be of service! 
My current work that I've done : Starscream
Sraker (Back breaker)- Halo Reach Machinima
Drako Yolo- Halo Reach machinima
Soldier 76


Pricing is negotiable, but dependent on the type of work.


In Production:

Foxy Boy- Funland 2 (Fnaf
Fan game)

DarkTimes (Fnaf Fan game)

DarkMystery2- The
Reserves Season 1

Danganpocalypse (Revamped)

JoannaSkie- Immortals

DezzaDee- The Truce

hubcinema- The
Rivers Warning Part 3

Scarlet Dust- Under

Undertale New World

danielsan19- Dark
Cloud: The Mini Series (Part 1)

Empire Productions
- Skymen

Oathbreakers Episode 1


Thatoneracoonguy- Valor is a wonderful friend and voice actor! Whenever i needed audio recordings, he would always be happy to record them!
He has played a lot of major roles in my project and he has never ceased to amaze me! He can do many voices, from nice low pitched voices, to fun and jolly Swedish accent! If you looking for a an experience voice actor, then VALOR IS YOUR GUY!

Foxy Boy-
Valor is an talented voice actor and is great to work with. He has became my friend ever since I first talked to him while working. Valor would hop in an call and record the lines I needed. He never screws up!! Valor is very nice and he is amazing. You should use him in your own project (if he fits the roles.) He is very easy to work with and has expericence. Valor is an good voice actor!!

Skyfire 7557-
Well okay. Put simply, you're one of the best VAs I've had. You've been very good in your role, and you've been cooperative all the way. You are the ideal person to voice Drako in Darkzone. I am glad to have you on the project.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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