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Hey there!  Welcome to my account!  I am TunnelBurg and I have been voice acting for a while now and I hope to, at some point, become a professional voice actor.
DISCORD: ~~TunnelBerg#1238~~

Some Characters I like to do

  • Monokuma (Danganronpa Series)

  • Kokichi Ouma (Danganronpa V3)

  • Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)

  • Mcree (Overwatch)


Come and check out my channel!  It has comic dubs and song covers that I am working on with some very talented people.


I don't think that my voice acting talent is ready to be payed for just yet so I am not planning on doing any paid things until I am ready, however if you would like to pay it would be greatly appreciated.

  1. General Voice Over: $40/hr or 70 cent per word

  2. If I audition for unpaid project voluntarily, project holders do not have to pay.

  3. I accept PayPal only and the email address will be given out privately when needed.

I am always ready and willing to negotiate rates to fit your budget. These are purely general base rates and are very flexible.


  • Danganronpa: Absent Hope *Reboot* as Ren Murakami

  • Danganronpa: Aftermath ~ Scatter Casting as Saeki Taysuke

  • The Demon Fight as Kigh

  • Mystic Messenger Chat Fan-Dub as Zen, V, and Yoosung

  • Magical Boy Company as Harry

  • Danganronpa OC Class as Sora Tsubasa and Hibiki Kakuro and Kokichi Ouma

  • Some Call Me Mallow as Asher

  • Danganronpa Town Of Despair as Lazarus Namahi

  • Danganronpa Despair Castle as Junpei Goto and Hideyoshi Fujioka

  • New Danganronpa V3 Fan Made Spin Off Last Hope as Kodai Kotomine

  • Danganronpa Makai Mountain as Zetsumei Hibiki

  • DR Hope's Final Plea as Umanosuke Toru

  • Be More Chill Virtual Musical as Michael Mell and Rich Goranski

  • Be More Chill Swapped as Michael Heere

  • Zapped as Nico

  • Team Quartz Presents: Be More Chill as Michael Mell

  • Danganronpa V4 Cruise Chaos as Kazuki Yukimara

  • Danganronpa Re:Zero: Leafwind Maor as Seduma Itoshi

  • Danganronpa Despair Adrift as Katsuyoshi Takemiya, Sutoka Akaro, and Ayira Arashi

  • Total Drama Gone Wild as Tim and S. Deezy

  • Danganronpa Masquerade of Despair as  Hanae, Jayden, Kasai

  • My Hero Academia Manga Fan Dub Chapter 1 and 2 as Bakugou Katsuki

  • Danganronpa Despair Game as Toru Valentine and Jurou Tachibana

  • Mystic Messenger Comic Dubs (@animevoiceovers) as Zen, V, Jumin, and 707 

  • DR Experimental Murder as William Edwards and Emi Kazuya

  • Danganronpa F: Shattered Hope as Grisp

  • IDW'S Sonic The Hedgehog Excerpt Comic Dubs as Espio the Chameleon 

  • Danganronpa: New Academy, New Killing Game as Junichi Suzuki

  • Broki Broki Literature Club as Sayori 

  • Danganronpa Out of Reach Promises as Ross Court

  • Danganronpa Broken Chains as Alex Smith

  • Mystic Messenger Comic Dubbing Crew as  Yoosung

  • V3 Comic Dubs as Kokichi Ouma


Casting Calls and Auditons

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