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Hi there! I am Trevor Bennett, otherwise known as TrevZed online. I'm a pretty new face in the online VA space but I'm aspiring to become something bigger and share my talents.

My voice acting story starts like many others, impersonating my favorite characters. As the years went on, those impressions grew as I practiced them more and more and that's when I started to focus on the other side of voice acting...the acting part. Something every VA will tell you is that the key to voice acting isn't doing the voice of the character, it's becoming the character. Emotions, infliction, spirit, delivery, etc.. Make your character feel alive. As I learn these new sides and aspects of the profession I can see my growth as a voice actor and that above all else makes me the happiest.

In  terms of previous work I'm a co-founder of the comic dub channel AdrenalineDubs, the voice of Joker for The Phantom Phandubbers, and have voiced for several miscellaneous videos on YouTube. My full history can be found here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0cNdWWn6Yh9grlJdJINsSfcENdgdv_O1


I will work for free as long as I feel the project or production is worth looking into. I will not work for something I don't have faith in.


  • Current Projects

    Dyphinoide: Persona 5: The Animation Phan-dub -Ren Amamiya, Arsene

    8edheadDemon Slayer Fandub - Giyuu Tomioka

    mornal: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Fandub - Gaspen Payne

    CosmicCosmo: My Hero Academia OVA 2 Fandub - Shoto Todoroki

    TheNamesMoose: Attack on Titan: No Regrets - Erwin Smith

    T&H Productions: Persona 5: The Animation Fandub - SIU Director

    Willo: Voices of Mementos - Yusuke Kitagawa

    Light Ivy Pictures: Guardians of the Sacred Light - Alexvin

    Adrenaline Dubs: Sonic The Hedgehog (IDW) Comic Dub - Shadow The Hedgehog, Vector The Crocodile, Neo Metal Sonic, Cubot.

    Miitoons: Sonic Villains - Infinite The Jackal, Shadow The Hedgehog, Vector The Crocodile, E-123 Omega, Cubot


Casting Calls and Auditons

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