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Hey there! My name is TheMagicalJoker (also known as Rizzy) and welcome to my Casting Call Club page...thing! I've had a passion for voice-acting ever since I was about eleven or twelve years old (I just recently turned sixteen), but have actually not been cast into many projects besides two which I'm currently doing. Before I discovered Casting Call Club, I would practice doing voices in private on my own and would experiment in different ways to extend my vocal range and would even imitate several cartoon characters. I'm fairly creative and have been told I am amazing when it comes to not only my acting, but also writing songs and scripts. I can also play piano (at least a few melodies, I'm still learning to write my own music), and I'm also a phenomenal singer (or so I've been told). I truly believe that acting and singing is what I was meant to do in this life time, and I am very open-minded when it comes to trying new things with voicing. If I'm cast to a project of yours, then I'm honored that you thought I was good enough and it's always a pleasure to work with such talented people! :)


I do my work absolutely free of charge. I voice-act for the sheer joy and fun of it, though I do hope to have voice-acting as a permanent career some day.


I'm currently lending my voices to three projects as of right now. I'll list them below, as well as who I voice.

"The Gypsy Prince" ~ Proxy Ventriloquist
Lara Ofeila, (Young) Mage Ofeila, & Clarith

"Undertale: The Untold Story" ~ TheGamerInDisguise

"Vanish" ~ Alientrolley
Kendra Ihoff

I've also done a series of Undertale comics with a YouTuber known as Half Infected along with various friends of mine (who are also friends with him, we're all friends). I voiced Toriel in those comics as well.


Well, this is all of what I've heard come from Proxy Ventriloquist (the director of "The Gypsy Prince").

She says I have a wonderful singing voice and that my acting is pretty on point, too. I think she's the only person who's really been great at giving constructive criticism to me and also helping me work on my voice. I can't thank her enough! ^^

Casting Calls and Auditons

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