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Director, Editor.

A user review of my TWD motion comic series;
Great potential!

rickgrimescomicseries28 November 2018
As a big fan of The Walking Dead comics, I've always wanted to be able to watch it. However, the television series left me disappointed and the animated motion comic by Juice films was either abandoned or never intended to be completed. Anyhow, I stumbled across Olle Henriksson's "motion comic" on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised. Although it's not animated, they really put a lot of effort bringing the comic panels to life with fitting music, voice actors, and sound effects. I found myself fully immersed and desperately wanting more after I had watched the first 3 issues currently uploaded on the channel.




The Alien659 is a great director to work with. He maintained frequent contact and provided adequate guidance to ensure I was getting the character to his liking. Looking forward to working with him again!
-Joe Franco/JF VOX

A true professional in every sense of the word. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Olle and I look forward to continuing this journey. Olle not only provides valuable direction, but also outstanding words of encouragement. I would recommend any who have the opportunity to work with Olle to do so. 
It is an honor!

It was a pleasure working with Olle thus far, and I'm very much looking forward to continuing working together moving forward. Olle provides open lines of communication and is very quick to respond to any questions that may arise regarding the project. Furthermore, Olle is fastidious when it comes to editing and directing, so you can expect the final product of your work to be something special, and something that you can be proud of being involved with. I would definitely recommend a working relationship if the opportunity presents itself! Thanks Olle!
-Steve McGrath

It was a pleasure voicing Carol and Donna for this Walking Dead comic. It's projects with leaders like TheAlien659 that remind me why I became a VO. They made it fun, supportive and professional. I look forward to following their talent and career as well as future projects with them.
-Eileen Anglin

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