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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Who am I? How can we help each over? What I do.

Hello, I am Bradley King or ThatProgrammer, I am 18 years of age, and living in England, UK.

I am looking for voice acting opportunities to help me improve my skills, and I hope to soon be able to help others, once I have received that help for myself first.

I am also interested in editing voice lines, as I find this to be quite a calming activity to do, but on top of that, I also find an interest in proof-reading scrips and correcting any grammar or spelling errors, as well as fixing formatting.

Thanks for reading and I hope you consider me.

My Information (Contact)

Discord: ThatProgrammer#6001 (both, please use to contact for any and all inquiries) - Please Join this discord to be able to direct message me.

Twitter: @VA_Programmer (Voice Acting Account)
@ThatProgrammerr (Personal Account, Development)

CLVA (Emails & Web-Redirect) - Please Read More Below!

I own a company called CLVA (Casting List Voice Actors), this company offers redirects to CCC or another website where you feature your work, for example, and on top of that, we offer both email redirects and email accounts to those who are interested, please DM me on any of my socials if you're interested!


Contact to negotiate a price. 

Although, I'll usually work for free as long as it is not too complex or require hours of recording. (voice acting only, programming and technical support I will likely charge)



Love, Melissa (Voice Actor: Mr Grey/Henry - Playlist ACTIVE)


Minecraft Life S2 - (Voice Actor: Rick - Audition : Playlist - COMPLETE)

Love, Melissa (Voice Actor: Doctor #2 - Video - COMPLETE)

The Minecraft Chronicles - (Developer: Mods Expert - Audition - COMPLETE)

Tipping Point (Audio Engineer: Editing Lines - Audition - COMPLETE)


Untitled Minecraft Roleplay - (Voice Actor: Drake - Audition - ON HOLD)

Tipping Point (Voice Actor: Zach - Audition - ON HOLD)


"ThatProgrammer has done the jobs I have requested correctly. He has turned his lines in on time. A kind and generous person. He has done lines and read them correctly. He has not failed to provide high quality lines. He has a good style of voice that can fit a character perfectly. ThatProgrammer had not let me down." - Force Productions (YT)

Casting Calls and Auditons

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