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Voice Actor
  • Skills
    Basic Audio Editing
    Piano (a little)
    Voice Acting
  • Genders
  • Languages
    Japanese (Basic)
    Spanish (limited)
    English (Fluent)
  • Ages
    Middle Age
    Old Man
    Young Adult
  • Accents
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Aspiring voice actor! Very new, feedback and criticism welcome! Looking to have fun and meet lots of inspired people. 

As far as information about my voice acting, I would say that my normal speaking voice is a solid medium-pitch, as my range for acting goes from medium-low to high. Check out my demo reel for some examples! 

Thank you for checking out my profile and I hope to work with you soon!


Just starting out doing this to gain experience, as I seek to pursue this as a career as I advance. 


Past and On-going Clients!

Fan Projects

Yumeparadox-Role of Twilight Princess Link and Revali in various Legend of Zelda comic dubs and Ferrus in a Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks fan dub.
C0bainist-Role of Ben McCall in a project titled Riddance.
FrostedVoid-Roles of Shotaro Kaneda and Kaisuke in Akira Manga fan dub, Puck in a Berserk manga fan dub, and Pun Pun and Harumi in a Oyasumi Punpun manga dub.
GodKnight-Extra Roles in Daftman Forlorn!, an abridged series of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
FFR- Role of Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum in a FFXV fan fiction.
Pyrostryker-Alihigan and Cren Kuroki in his Dragon Ball Power project.
Kennyfairclothva-Young Anakin and Ki-Adi Mundi in Star Wars comic book dubs.
Sonic12o3- Ren Amamiya/P5 Protagonist in Persona Q2 trailer dubs. 
Hikari No Uta- Junpei Iori in a Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable fan dub, Mitsuo Kubo and extras in a Persona 4 Golden fan dub, Sans the Skeleton and Napstablook in an Undertale fan dub, Sakutaro Morishige in a Corpse Party fan dub.

Paid Projects

gnbkeller-Role of Nasir Suhl in a visual novel titled Lustrias by Green Moon Productions


"@Talon Sims I just downloaded the files on my PC and they are awesome! Thank you kindly ^^"-Yumeparadox on Discord during the Comic Dubs!

"I just edited all of your lines in last night and they sound amazing; Exactly how I pictured them! Thank you so much again for helping me out!" -C0bainist with her project Riddance.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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