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While my siblings were getting amazing grades and $10’s per A on their report cards, I was trying to talk my way out of getting in trouble for my “excessive talking” comment from my teacher.  It really should not have been a surprise to anyone when I became co-host of the “Taking Care of Business” radio show in Phoenix, AZ, as a matter of fact, instead of taking aptitude tests, my parents should have just looked to my report card to see what I would excel at in life.  Excessive talking.

Which inevitably led me to public speaking, hosting a podcast…or two and enjoying every minute of it!  Now my love for podcasts, public speaking and history has led me to narrating audio books, eCourses and being the “voice behind the podcast” for businesses looking for a friendly, upbeat and oozing personality voice.

With my custom built home-studio, my bujo and I spend the days recording, editing and writing.  Which makes my boys happy to have me out of the house so they can run rampant and eat sunflower seeds on the couch to their hearts content.  (And I don’t have to see or hear it!  PTL!!)

Thank you so much for taking a minute to read more about me and I hope you stick around, listen to some of my samples and perhaps we can work on a project or two!

Until then, have fun!

Suzanne Moore


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No Gym Weight Loss, Linda Westwood, Whispersync

Extreme Couponing for Busy Women, Brandy Morrow, Whispersync

101 Ways to Find a Husband, Maryam Piper, Whispersync

Being Authentic: How to Be Authentic and Attract Positive People, Patricia A Carlisle

Bible Study for Women: Guide and Workbook, Brian Gugas, Whispersync

Bible Study Lessons: What We Can Learn from the Women in the Bible, Brian, Gugas, Whispersync

You and the Universe, Shay Freely, Whispersync

Discovering Your Dog Type: A New System for Understanding Yourself and Others, Gini Graham Scott, PhD, Whispersync

Lose Your Belly Fat Diet, Kayla Bates, Whispersync

Mastering Drones, Adidas Wilson, Whispersync

Instagram Marketing, James Green, Whispersync

Irish Paranormal Haunts Volume 2, Kim O'Shea, In Production

The Essential Moving Guide for Families, Sara Elizabeth Boehm, In Production

Breath of Life, Karen Ferguson, In Production

Shifting Atmospheres, Dawn DeSilva, In Production

Learning to Live Volume 1, Daniel Bates, In Production

Online Classes

How to Be on a Design Team
Price, Market and Sell Your Handmade Cards
Social Media Must Haves for Card Makers
Craft Shows 101

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Your narration was amazing! I found myself holding my breath at times even though I knew what was coming!  

Thank you so much!  

NO changes are necessary. It was flawless!

- Kim O'Shea, Author, Irish Paranormal Haunts Vol 2

"Funny dialogue and great narration!'"

This is a great book that shows you easy and manageable ways to become more conscious about healthy lifestyle. Plus the narrator is FANTASTIC!! She really connects with the storyline and makes it really enjoyable to listen. I'll definitely be looking for more books from this narrator.

-Jennifer, Audible listener

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