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Hey there, you probably came on this profile because i'm making a mod or a fandub, and you wanted to know more about me, well i'm Marius or better known as Surgt11 on this website. I make mods,fandubs,silly VO videos and all sorts of crazy stuff. I have been making content since 2011, but i have only joined this website in 2017. I have already made some content you can check out on "previous work" window below to see the stuff i made with CCC help. I'm mainly a director and a producer, though i know the basics of video editing and audio engineering. 

I'm by no means a professional director or a producer.

Please PM me on this website if you got any inquiries.



Finished Stuff for your eyeballs to see(links are in the previously completed projects):

South park: Cartman's ASMR Show

My Current W.I.P Projects:

South Park - The Stick Of Truth

Stronghold - The last hope - Should be out by summer.

Discountinued Projects (projects that are broken and dont work):

Dark knight (Flash Game) 2012
All League of legends  Mods. 2015-2017

Thank you very much for reading!


All of my projects are free. Enjoy!


None, i do not do voice acting, i leave the voice over work... TO YOU THE PEOPLE!


Refer to Recommendation page for more testimonials

I'd like to thank Surgt11 for giving me the opportunities on this project.  He's not concieted, and steps aside to let us voice actors take our chances.
 - Callum Rose. - (Voice actor)

Awesome! Thank you so much! This was the first role that I ever received
lines for and participated in, and it has been better than i could've
ever imagined. Thank you so much for casting me and involving me in
this! I can't wait to hear the rest of the cast and am so happy with how
this has gone. Thanks again!
- Dylan M - (Voice Actor)

You were actually very generous on your deadlines which has made working with you really enjoyable  😊  I got lucky coming across your casting call! 
-JojoRawr - (Voice Actor)

You give us very long deadlines which is always a plus. You also actually talk to us about things other than the project. Have conversations with us. It's definitely a nice change from some other directors I've worked with.

-Apoc - (Voice Actor)

Casting Calls and Auditons

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