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While his friends were contemplating future careers as doctors, accountants and teachers, Steven Marriott spent his high school days watching cartoons- I mean... researching a career as a voice actor. He attended animation voice over classes led by reputed voice over, Trevor Devall, after school hours where he got hands on training at various studios around Vancouver doing both pre-lay and ADR. Following this, he enrolled in the Acting for Stage and Screen (ASAS) program at Capilano University to further his training. It was at this point that Steven realized that he was quite content to leave his physical presence on the sidelines and focus on bringing his voice out to its full potential.

Branching out, his love of music lead him down a different path of studio time, and Steven found himself recording audio tracks for several years. Through this, he gained an understanding and appreciation for tracking and mixing to bring out the best quality product possible. With three EPs under his belt, and several other singles here and there, he decided it was time to finally focus on his childhood dream, and put his voice to use on an animated level again.

After spending some weekends researching- I mean... watching cartoons, Steven began attending classes at On The Mic Studios. He has studied and practiced the animation side of voice acting under Gabe Khouth, Michael Adamthwaite, Lee Tockar (winner of Best Voice of 2016 at the UBCP/ACTRA awards) and Vincent Tong (nominated for Best Voice of 2016 at the UBCP/ACTRA awards). He also has pre-lay experience, working with Vancouver Voice Director, Karl Willems. In March of 2017, Steven recorded his animation demo at Kozmic Studios with Matt Smalley.

Amidst various roles for local projects, Steven began practicing his commercial voice by taking classes at On The Mic Studios under Bill Mondy and Noel Johansen. He’s currently putting together a script for his commercial demo, which he’ll be recording in early 2018.

While much of his free time is spent practicing and developing new voices, Steven has also built a home studio to allow him the flexibility to record and audition from the comfort of his home. And that brings us to the here and now, where Steven is wide eyed, motivated, and keen to take on the world one voice at a time


Pricing varies on size of project and word count.


Premium Digital Films

Amber Pacific Studios
Retrograde Films


I've had the chance to collaborate with Steven on several creative projects and it has always has been a blast. His professionalism along with his spontaneity, open mindedness and humour have made every project very special and unique. I would highly recommend him for any project without hesitation 
- Seel Munier, Co-Founder and Director of Premium Digital Films

Casting Calls and Auditons

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