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Hello! My name is Nicholas Price, AKA SinfulBehaviors. I am a 21 year old White Male from Northern New York, near by Canada. I have currently been cast in two roles, with the two being complete opposites, as one is a cool, confident, incredibly fit fighter, and the other is an obese nerd who is not well liked.

I excel in a few types of voices. Villainous baritone, High Pitched, confident villains, Narration, Unnatural Creepshows, disturbing serial killer voices, and voices that are nice and soft.

I also run a Youtube channel under the same name, where I discuss Video Games, Western Animation, and Anime. Working on my channel has given me a lot of training in Video Editing, which has gotten me a paid role as a video editor for another Youtube Project.

My interests include Elder Scrolls, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, and Fallout, among others.

I hope we can work together soon!


I'll do work for what ever you'll be able to pay. I may take exception to doing things like very intensive roles for very little.

If I'm auditioning for your unpaid project, I don't expect anything.

If I'm auditioning for your paid project, I'd expect what's listed, but it's also negotiable.

If you're coming to me for a bit part, I'm fine with not being paid.

If you're coming to me for lead roles, I'd expect some form of payment, since you're seeking me, also still negotiable.

If I've messaged you, we can negotiate, and if you're unable to pay, I'm perfectly fine with that.

For video work, if I have to do a video per week or something like that, I'd like to be paid accordingly, as in per week/set of videos. I do not want to all that work for very little pay.



Budo Matsuda in "Yandere Simulator" by Just A Voice_Actor

Hifumi Yamada in "Danganronpa: The *Aftermath* Audio Drama" by Danganronpa The Audio Drama Productions

Cyrillus in "Petrichor: The Original Series" by TAE Productions


"oh. my. go-o-dness. That was such an entertaining and satisfying audition, Price. You are one very talented dude, excellent delivery and stunning character voices, bravo! You are one great package of big-league material, sir" - Chippa, regarding an audition.

"Oof, that last bit had a really good punch to it. Excellent performance there!" - Wels (SejiB), regarding an audition.

"Wow. That was really good. The sudden changes really went well." "This is great man!!! This is pretty much how I imagined him to sound =)" - Awesomeness Primal and BaldVOGuy, regarding an audition.

"DUDE you are insanely talented!! That's some great stuff! Your sense of rhythm and pacing is simply excellent!" - Chippa, regarding my video editing.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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