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     Hello, you can call me Mochi or Mocha. And if you're feeling fancy you can call me Mochiko. Those three names are an online alias that I normally go by. Also, I'm well aware that they're all food and drink names. I'm an aspiring voice actor and singer with a childish dream/goal. I don't have much free time to voice act, but whenever I'd have time or free time, I will use it to voice act. I really like voice acting and I'm decently serious about it, but when the time comes I can take matters seriously. I really like singing, but I’m just going to stick to singing privately and maybe around friends. Though my main goal is to be able to voice act and sing. Music is one of my favorite spare time activity in the world, it means so much, it sounds relaxing and amazing. It can definitely calm the most wild beast down. I have little to no background noise, and I have a tiny reverb. So sorry if I'm not professional enough. I am able to submit audio recordings and only free on Friday, Saturday. and Sunday. A few times I have a vacation so then I'm free whenever. I'm also fairly new to voice acting, I've started a year ago on November. I also know how to draw. I wouldn't consider myself very good, but if you would like a picture of one of my drawings you can ask. An example picture is my profile, I drew the female. ^-^



     My vocal range is Soprano. My voice is able to go up to a Bb7 (according to my piano teacher when we were practicing to remember what each note sounds like), There are a few voices I can do with my voice. Here are a few voices I can do : 

Bratty/Mischievous female that is a child/kid
Childish/Kid voice for a teen/adult
Sort of deep but has a kid accent?

  • Maybe some more..   

  • Most likely, the best voices I can voice act as are children (no specified gender), high pitched teens, and a girl going through puberty.



                                I use Audacity for editing and recording.


 My email will be sent to you if I get casted for the role. You can find/contact me on discord. My user is SimplyMochi#3514


(I'm not in a lot of projects.)

 Comic Dub : Random Comics : Normally Child Role (ongoing)

Minecraft Roleplay : Crystal Rose Middle School : Emily (ongoing)

Minecraft Roleplay; Starry High : Young Moon (ongoing)

Animation : Straight Crazy : Young Girl (completed)

Minecraft Roleplay: Crystal Rose Middle School : Artist (ongoing)

Minecraft Roleplay: A Fairy's Diary : Leona (canceled)

Comic Dub: Miraculous Ladybug : Tiki (ongoing)

Voice Over : What Is My Life? : Daisy The Dog (ongoing)

Comic Dub : Artzy's Life : Paper Jam (ongoing)

Animation : Forever, yet Never : Faith Ortega (ongoing)

Animation : Living in the Name : Olivia (ongoing)

Animation: Run Away ; Jessica (completed)

Magical Mystery: Exploring The Unbelievable : Nicole (ongoing)

Magical Mystery: Exploring The Unbelievable : Artist (ongoing)

Minecraft Roleplay/Series : The Lost Soul : Cupcake (ongoing)

Fandub : Risky's Revenge : Chef Girl (backup/replacement) (ongoing)


I have a channel I just don't upload on it.

╚═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝


  1. Pricing is negotiable! If you feel as though you want to support me further you may pay me, but it's not required. I'm alright for if it is a paid or free job. If you do choose to pay me I can send you my pay pal.


Audicity - Recording and Editing voice.


"You sound cute and ugly."


"She was a pleasure to work with! She came in at last minute and filled in a role for Natsuki. Her voice sounded like she was BEING the character, and it was perfect. She took the job seriously, and turned in the lines ASAP. And I only just started looking for the role today. She is very committed, and got the job done. There was no background noise and no peaking." -Akairichr

"Normally, we'd just play around doing character expressions. She's mainly serious which is a pain since I'm EXTREMELY goofy, but she can open up a few times. If you're looking for a kid role, you should reconsider her audition, or dm her. She's great xD :D" 
-Moonlit Candles
"Your voice is perfect for this. So cute and little" -DiamondSlayer

"CUTEST THING EVER HEARD! You are in!" -GamingGamer/Wolfy

"Alright, people, Mochi is my best friend, and even though she's a cold person, she's funny and can do many auditions for little children or just high pitched characters in general. ;)" -Shxterpotatoyt

Casting Calls and Auditons

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