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Voice Actor
  • Skills
    Script Editing
    Skin Maker
    Digital Art
    Script writing
    Rapping (a little)
    Singing and Voice Acting
  • Genders
  • Languages
    French (Singing)
    mandarin (fluent)
    Chinese (speaking and singing)
    French (fluent)
    English (Fluent)
  • Ages
  • Accents
    None that I know of
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Hi, I'm Aquasi
I'm someone who you could consider as a multi-tasker.
I usually don't seem so proud of my work but due to the amount of support lately, I've been seeing the brighter side of my work. (In all not seriousness, I have an instant reflex to think that I'm the worst VA alive LOL OvO)

As I said before, I'm a multi-tasker.
Here's some detailed information on each of my capabilities.

Voice Acting

In my future to come to, Demo Reel, I'd like to showcase many difficult emotions, easy emotions. I never really had a preference in characters, maybe sometimes, but I've always loved to challenge myself with new characters, maybe discover things to improve!


I'm not the best but I've yet been able to show off my talent properly.
I can reach mostly difficult high notes than low notes. I like to listen to a lot of K-Pop and R&B. Occasionally I'd rap, but it's, really horrifying.


I'm not the best, I just enjoy doing it! I change my art style pretty often, I'm really trying to aim for a mix of styles that I enjoy!


Writing can become one of my favorite pass times, it helps me clear out my emotions and express myself clearly. Planning the whole story itself makes me feel accomplished. It is quite difficult for me to make an original story without having someone call out that "oH, It's InSpIRed By aPhMau".

Skin Making (MC) 

I'd like to say I'm quite experienced towards this matter, my recent work has made myself proud, my constant progress is pushed forward by one of my favorite directors of all time,  (CCC: Mylae). I can adjust to a specific style if needed, It just helps me figure out some things on my style, an opportunity not to miss!


I enjoy making songs more than I enjoy most things, it helps me dump all of my hard situations and life experiences into one beautiful song. I write lullabies, intro songs, pop songs & acapella's. I'm currently working on short jingles for my Instagram ^^/

Thank you!
(DM for further information)
(DM for detailed contacts) 


My preferred pricing stays free


Applications :

Magilicas Team (By QuteyJakery) - Skin Maker

Junai Productions (By Kasha) - Writer + Songwriter

MystiK Productions (By UnicoRnn_bait™) - Voice Actor (No Roles Yet)

Aiden's Roleplay Cast (By Aiden) - Voice Actor & Lead Role (As Calla)

Live Auditions :

My Passion (By The Foxy Sisters) - Voice Actor, Singer, Setup Team & Public Auditions Helper (As Alexandra)

Forbitten Love ( By The Foxy Sisters) - Voice Actor & Setup Team (As Hazel)

Sunset Academy (By Hina) - Voice Actor (As Brittany)

Shadow Crew Studios (By Zanny) - Voice Actor & Singer (No Roles Yet)

Forgotten Heart (By MissBlue, Esqueleto & Penguin) - Singer, Voice Actor, Skin Maker & Lead roles (As Delia)

Don't Leave Me Now (By MissBlue, Esqueleto & Penguin) -  Voice Actor, Skin Maker (No Roles Yet)

Jessica's life (By Jade) - Voice Actor, Lead Role, Skin Maker, Script Writer, Songwriter, Singer & Artist (As Jessica)

Moony Crew Studios (By MoonStone) - Voice Actor, Singer, Builder, Body Actor & Skin Maker (Multiple Roleplays)

Loner Star Kingdom (By Faewillow & ProudstrqwberryP) - Voice Actor, Singer, Skin Maker, Music Producers (No Roles Yet)

Nephia's Team (By Dreaming_Cloud) - Voice Actor, Skin Maker, Body Actors, Writers & Artist - (No Roles Yet)

Deep Inside (By Aaliyah) - Voice Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Body Actor & Lead Roles (Daliala Marie)

 Ocean High (By Ocean Wolf) - Skin Maker

Cliff Hanger (By Ari) - Voice ACtor (As Kayleh)

Normal (By Tiger) - Body Actor & Skin Maker

Crestbook High (By JayisaMango) - Voice Actor (As Cathy)

Light of a Guardian (By Ooperlini) - Voice Actor & Skin Maker (As Sasha)


Alpha Studios ( By Wolfyy) - Artist

MADI Studios (HoneyBunny) - Singer + Skin maker (Fairy Diaries series/ No Roles Yet)

Beyond What's Told (By MeowGamezz) - Voice Actor, Songwriter & Skin Maker ( As Yukine Maki)

Twilight Studios (By BurningChaos1180) - Voice Actor, Skin Makers & After VA (As Extra Communist)

Rex Studios (By Rexphter / Directed by Azidox) - Skin Maker


"As a person who directs Aqua's work. I respect her a lot! She has evolved into a great voice actor over the year of our friendship. Both from her way to express emotions, from being very blunt to sending a shock to her audience on dramatic moments. Her microphone changed very brutally suddenly we could all hear her clearly. Making a big change to my productions. She may not be professional, but she's definitely talented! Please consider my little angel <3"

"Honestly, this girl juggles so many things like voice acting, drawing, and skin making, and she's pretty great that all of em. Overall she's a really nice girl and fun to work with and I'd recommend her for anything and everything in her expertise."

"This girl right here, you see her? She is a person made of water. She is an amazing singer, voice actor, writer, and skin maker for them MC Role Playing. Like who can hate water?!"

"such a cute voice owo"

"Great audition! Love your highest pitch take on Orabella. Really emphasizes the immature part of her personality. Well done!"

"This is a very good audition. Loving the range you bring!"

"I can barely tell that was you!"

"I think your voice matches her very well. There were some tweaks I would've liked to make with how you voiced the audition lines, but, nonetheless, it was a very good audition. "

"Despite how horrible your microphone quality is, you're voice acting itself is amazing!" (That... was supposed to be a compliment from a very close friend of mine UwU)

Casting Calls and Auditons

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