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Voice Actor
  • Skills
    Script Editing
    Skin Maker
    Digital Art
    Script writing
    Rapping (a little)
    Singing and Voice Acting
  • Genders
  • Languages
    French (Singing)
    mandarin (fluent)
    Chinese (speaking and singing)
    French (fluent)
    English (Fluent)
  • Ages
  • Accents
    None that I know of
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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hello! I'm Aquasi But you can call me Aqua owo

I'm working on progressing my own work before continuing my own channel. 
Besides that! I love doing impressions, singing, voice-acting, skin making, and script writing!
Hope to know you all soon! :D


I prefer doing this for free at the moment :3


Applications :
Mei Studios (By Mylae) - Skin Maker

Magilicas Team (By QuteyJakery) - Skin Maker

Junai Productions (By Kasha) - Writer + Songwriter

MystiK Productions (By UnicoRnn_bait™) - Voice Actor (No Roles Yet)

Aiden's Roleplay Cast (By Aiden) - Voice Actor & Lead Role (As Riley)

Live Auditions :

My Passion (By The Foxy Sisters) - Voice Actor, Singer, Setup Team & Public Auditions Helper (As Alexandra)

Forbitten Love ( By The Foxy Sisters) - Voice Actor & Setup Team (As Hazel)

Sunset Academy (By Hina) - Voice Actor (As Brittany)

Shadow Crew Studios (By Zanny) - Voice Actor & Singer (No Roles Yet)

Forgotten Heart (By MissBlue, Esqueleto & Penguin) - Singer, Voice Actor, Skin Maker & Lead roles (As Delia)

Don't Leave Me Now (By MissBlue, Esqueleto & Penguin) -  Voice Actor, Skin Maker (No Roles Yet)

Jessica's life (By Jade) - Voice Actor, Lead Role, Skin Maker, Script Writer, Songwriter, Singer & Artist (As Jessica)

Moony Crew Studios (By MoonStone) - Voice Actor, Singer, Builder, Body Actor & Skin Maker (Multiple Roleplays)

Loner Star Kingdom (By Faewillow & ProudstrqwberryP) - Voice Actor, Singer, Skin Maker, Music Producers (No Roles Yet)

Nephia's Team (By Dreaming_Cloud) - Voice Actor, Skin Maker, Body Actors, Writers & Artist - (No Roles Yet)

Deep Inside (By Aaliyah) - Voice Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Body Actor & Lead Roles (Daliala Marie)

 Ocean High (By Ocean Wolf) - Skin Maker

Cliff Hanger (By Ari) - Voice ACtor (As Kayleh)

Normal (By Tiger) - Body Actor & Skin Maker

Crestbook High (By JayisaMango) - Voice Actor (As Cathy)

Light of a Guardian (By Ooperlini) - Voice Actor & Skin Maker (As Sasha)


Alpha Studios ( By Wolfyy) - Artist

MADI Studios (HoneyBunny) - Singer (Fairy Diaries series/ No Roles Yet)

Beyond What's Told (By MeowGamezz) - Voice Actor, Songwriter & Skin Maker ( As Yukine Maki)

Twilight Studios (By BurningChaos1180) - Voice Actor, Skin Makers & After VA (As Extra Communist)

Rex Studios (By Rexphter / Directed by Azidox) - Skin Maker

MEI Studios (Mylae) - Voice Actor (As Orabella)


Casting Calls and Auditons

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