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Has lent my voice to many mobile video games, indie PC games, Anime, cartoons. Also has performed narration for explainer videos, commercials, and other various projects.

Demos and Resume can be found at RJC Voiceover

Projects include Asphodel (Ace), Eternal Hour (Rin) Final Odyssey (Ling & Yinglu), Marvel Avengers Academy (Singularity) Rio Rainbow Gate Reshuffled!, Juden-chan Recharged, PSA "Stronger Than You Think" (played on Dr. Oz), ShadowVerse( Purehearted Singer, Mars: Silent Flame General, Prime Dragon Keeper, Flail Knight)  


Please PM or Email [email protected] for pricing information.


  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Bonsall Pool & Spa  Television Commercials: Two 30 Second Spots--Voice Over

  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Carpetland Radio Spots: 30 Second, 15 Second, & 10 Second--Voice Over


  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Carpetland Radio Spots: 30 Second, 15 Second & 10 Second--Voice Over

  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Carpetland Television Commercial: 30 Second Spot--Voice Over 


  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Carpetland Radio Spots--30 Second, 15 Second, 10 Second--Voice Over


  • Elemental Soul CCG Video
    Narrator (Voice)


  • Imperial Government of Sabovia
    Sabovia With Rochelle : Online Broadcast (January 2014-April 2014)


  • St. Elizabeth Healthcare
    How to Sign Up for MyChart at St. Elizabeth Physicians--Narrator (voice)


  • One Brand Studio
    (American Baptist Churches, Michigan--Voice Over) 


  • Women's Ministry Church
    Women's Sparkle Event advertisement video--Voice Over


  • Map Your City App
    Map Your City explainer video --Voice Over


  • (City Works)Open Source City Making App
    What is Open Source City Making? -- Voice Over

  • App--Flirt in English
    Female Voice--Voice Over


  • Allos Learning Planner
    Allos Learning Planner Video--Female Voice--Voice Over


  • VanSol Broker
    Female Voice -- Voice Over


  • Time Symmetry
    Vector Thrust Video Game: Viking--voice over


  • AStrokeofMadness
    Visual Novel: Anticipation, Apprehension, Adolescence: Book 1: Rachel (Young) (as K-alexiel)


  • No Studio in Particular:
    Zoolaplex Audio/Radio Drama: Dr. Sonia Lebeau


  • Red Katana
    Fallen A2P Protocol: Scarlett


  • AR Blue Clean
    AR Blue Clean, Clean Crusader Character Commercial: Voice Over


  • TheDinnerDaily Commercial: Character Donna Diva: Voice Over


  • Pegasus CRM
    Instructional Videos: Voice Over


  • IRIE
    E-learning-African American Female: Voice Over


  • Focus Learning Solutions
    Training Module-Minerva, Minerva's Mother: Voice Over


  • AJTilley
    Divine Slice of Life Visual Novel: Sakuya: Voice Acting


  • Exiles Message Series Intro: Voice Over
    Sound Board Project: 
    Voice Over

  • Gerber
    Gerber Life Timeline Internet Videos:  Voice Over


  • The Imagination Company
    Cape Cod Vacuum: Cat: Voice Over

  • Media Blasters
    Juden Chan: Ruiji, additional voices: Voice Acting (As RochelleJ Chiang)


  • Name Pending Creation
    God Complex Audio Drama/Visual Novel:Freya: Voice Acting


  • Orrery Games
    Midnight at the Celestial Palace: Peggy: Voice Acting


  • Stronger Than You Think 
    Stronger Than You Think Video Short: Self: Voice Over

  • TinyCo
    Marvel Avengers Academy: Singularity: Voice Acting

  • Four Story Creative
    Deep Blue Bible Kids: Aurora: Voice Acting

  • Lilith Games
    Soul Hunters: Lingling: Voice Acting

  • Qeon Interactive
    Final Odyssey: Yinglu, Ling: Voice Acting

  • Media Blasters
    Rio Rainbow Gate: Reshuffle: Additional Voices: Voice Acting

  • Seventh Heart Studios
    Eternal Hour (demo available): Rin: Voice Acting

  • 3331 Entertainment
    Asphodel: Ace: Voice Acting

  • FoxLeap Studios
    Dragon Skies VR: Serena: Voice Acting

  • Yume Creations
    Yuri Clicker Visual Novel: Additional Voices: Voice Acting

  • Cygames
    Shadowverse: Purehearted Singer, Flail Knight, Mars:  Silent Flame General, Prime Dragon Keeper: Voice Acting

  • Socialpoint
    Champions Destiny: Neve, Kaori: Voice Acting

  • Aphmau
    MyStreet: Her Wish: Renee/Alina: Voice Acting


Casting Calls and Auditons

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