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Hello there!

I'm Quichelord or just Quiche and I'm a fellow mixing/mastering audio engineer! I have been working into this craft for 8 years and have worked from music to post production or sound design for media and games. 
Sometimes I make tunes too!  
Feel free to commission me for your project or just have a nice chat
I'm happy to chat anytime :) unless I am sleeping of course



Axus - Singer, VA, Content Creator
Sohlyist - Rapper
Neneki - Audio Engineer
Project Raido - Game Developer


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"I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Quiche for almost three years now! She's extremely talented, prompt, friendly, flexible and easy to discuss specifics and changes with-- she's an absolute professional all around. I love that she thoroughly absorbs and pays attention to my thoughts and critiques throughout the process, and that she does everything in her power to not only accommodate, but also employ her own expertise to improve upon the mixes. On top of that, she is fluidly capable of traversing through a plethora of varying types of audio work and genres. Whether it be through vocals with pre-existing instrumentals, instruments themselves, voice acting, or even original musical composition, Quiche has always enthusiastically tackled any challenge set before her, and I'm always left completely satisfied with the end results! If you're looking for a skilled, well-rounded, and amicable audio engineer, Quiche’s the girl to go to!"


Quiche has provided us with 5 great tracks for our game Project Raido. It was a great pleasure cooperating her. We've experimented on a few styles and she was happy to change her work according to our request, We are really satisfied with Quiche's job. 

Project Raido

Casting Calls and Auditons

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