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My name is Tom, and I’m happy to be here! I’ve admired voice actors and
actresses for a whole seven years now, and having done performing arts
in school from seventh grade to senior year of college, I’ve always had
the desire to get into the wonderful world of voice acting.

demo reel is still in the works, but I’ve recently set myself up with a
decent microphone so that I may record it. I’m looking for potential
ideas of stuff to read off, but I’m thinking about looking back on some
of the many shows I’ve performed in my past and working off of those.
I’ve done shows like Godspell, Fiddler on the Roof, Anything Goes, Rent,
9 to 5, and many more, and I was even cast as the lead for a junior
version of Fiddler back in eighth grade, so I have stepped into Tevye’s
shoes once before! Not only have I had that previous experience, but I’m
currently working a retail job as a product demonstrator and
salesperson (or “event specialist” for short!) so I know how to express
myself and interact with other people professionally.

I’ve been
told by others that my voice is not only clear, but firm and commanding.
I have good inflection and tone, and it’s easy to understand what I’m
saying without needing to repeat myself. I also have a deep voice that I
can work with to fit different emotions, though I do have the ability
to heighten my voice if need be. I would feel fit in most teen, adult,
or eldery male roles and I am also a lively person capable of a wide
variety of emotions. You could cast me as a daring hero or a dastardly
villain; whichever you please, I’m willing to play, and can step out of
my comfort zone if need be. I can also sing too!

I’m still
trying to get my social networking set up, so when it’s ready I’ll
update my signature with it. As for now, thank you all for having me,
and once again, I’m really happy to be here!


As of now, I'm willing to work for free, just to get my name out there.



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