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Hi! My name is Sam, but you can call me Paige, Kiki, dumbass, whatever works, really.

Usually I'll audition for Fire Emblem projects, or just game fandubs in general, but sometimes I go for original things if they catch my attention.

I have a playlist on YouTube of all of the videos I've been in for VA, so that's usually where you can find things with me in them easily.

I also have a Twitter if you wanna look at my art stuff.

Please contact me on Discord if you want to talk to me.

Discord: samgracespicerVA#6525

Butterfingers are the best candy bar, btw


Honestly, I'm not in this for money, but If I do audition for paid gigs, all I need is the money the role offers.


My playlist for easy access to all videos

Pearl Espeon- MickeyMario64: "Eeveelution Squad Comic Dub Project"
-Chapter 1: Friends and Family
-Chapter 2: The One I Love Most
-Chapter 3: Behind Blue Eyes
-Chapter 4: Unforgettable Events
-Special Chapter 1: What I Used to Be
-Extra: You Do Care

Setsuna- MattWellsVA: "Fire Emblem Fates: 4koma Comics Fandub"

Celica/Julia-  MissLaPremier: "Fire Emblem Heroes Crits Fandub"
Lords Summoning Fandub

Felicia/Beruka- RealBookTale:  "Fire Emblem Fates Fandub"
Felicia/Ryoma Support Dub

Risky Boots- GameBot 2000: "Shantae: Risky's Revenge Fandub!"
Chapter 1

Tails/Maria- acruxic: "Sonic Adventure 2: Reimagined"


"An outstanding voice actor that I've come to look up to very much. She's had a lot of experience when it come's to voice acting and she deserves all the recognition she gets. With an amazing vocal range, Paige is capable of providing many remarkable voices and is a wonderful person to work and cooperate with." - Pomania

is someone I shamefully stalked on CCC for potential projects due to her nature of being such a good VA. I was super envious of her talent she had when first starting. But after a while she got wise when I started to appear in more and more projects with her. Granted it was mostly due to her raw talent and me just getting lucky with roles that needed some sort of deep voice. However after getting to know her in multiple projects and doing voice work for her I can say without a doubt. She deserves every bit of praise she has obtained for all the hard work she has put in for voice overs. Along with soon to be director status! I am glad that I meet her and hope to keep seeing her in projects she amazing!" Joesph Frost

"Paige is one of the first friends I've ever made on CCC, and I'm more than grateful to have met her. She works extremely hard with a optimistic enthusiasm that is contagious. She's one of the most pleasant actress I've met and I'm glad she's been my friend from the beginning moments of when I started being a voice actor, then a director. she's continued to be a beacon of support that allows me to be where I am now as a voice actor, a YouTuber, and a man. I'm glad we both had the opportunity to grow, and I pray we continue to grow." ( - SilverSoul

"Paige is a horrible individual" - 
peternishimura (Love you too, buddy, <3)

"I like Paige" - 
best girl

Casting Calls and Auditons

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