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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

I love a lot of things

Most that i do and post online is for fun and is both fetish and NSFW stuff that i just enjoy. I can and will take commissions or i can do it for free if i really enjoy the project idea.

What i can write

If it is not mentioned below, ask me and we can talk about it.

Will do

    • TG (Transgender)

    • TF (Transformations)

      • Clothes, animals, body part etc...

    • Taur TF

      • Naga, Drider, Octomaid, mermaid etc.

    • Expansion

      • Breast expansion

      • ass expansion

      • hourglass expansion

    • Breastification

    • Multi-breast

    • Vore

    •          Breast vore

    •          Unbirth

    •          Anal Vore

    •          Oral Vore

Won't do

    • Scat

    • hard vore / Cannibalism ( I won't write either.)

    • Yoai

    • Incest

    • Cow girls/ slug girls/ Centaurs

    • Mpreg

    • Pig base transformations


I only take two at a time but i will have a pending list for those who still want one.


it is finished, proof read. I'll either post it on DA and give
you the link. Once i know that you got it downloaded I'll post it on DA
if its DA safe. (I won't post it here on if its not DA safe.) if i
can or on FA. On FA it'll be as a Txt file but a word file will be
allowed for a download for those who want to read non plain text. Also
if you don't want either i can give it to you by Email.


Cost (Price)
pricing is very simple, for every 1k words or a block as i call it. It
cost $6 or 600points. You pay for the first block, before i start. Once i
reach 1k words, I'll inform you and then another block will be
automatically added and this increases the price by $6. This will
continue till the commission is finished.

For every 5k words you get a $3 deduction on the chapter/ single story commission

$6 / 600 points for the fist Block
1oo word overflow allowed
Each new block costs an additional $6

Price Picture:
Coming soon

*Prices are subject to change


or points. Granted DA points will be increased. I prefer paypal. I will
send an invoice for you to pay for the first block before i start. Then
once it is finished i will send a note letting you know how many blocks
it takes up and the price.



Casting Calls and Auditons

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