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  • Hey there, I'm Mylae - but you can call me Jade since it is my real name! I'm from California, USA, and my timezone is UTC-8 (PST). I like to keep my age private, but I am in high school. I consider myself to be a singer, rather than a VA, but I do have a few roles in which I voice act for. I also am the director of Legacies, a project that I created in February of 2018. (୨୧•ᴗ•)◞*♡




    The Rich Voices on Nov 18 2018: Provided voice work

    A hard worker, great leader, director, producer. Makes it very clear from the outset what she expects from the team. Sets a very high standard for everyone, but leads by example and keeps to those standards herself. Multi-talented, with huge potential. I look forward to seeing the heights that Mylae achieves for herself. She is extremely easy to work with. Its my honour and pleasure to know her. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

    ArloQy on Jul 24 2018: Provided voice work

    See, I have already recommended Mylae - but this goes without saying. I believe she deserves more than just any "one-liner" recommendation. 

    First of all: I'd say Mylae is absolutely the most hardworking person I have ever met in my entire career in VA and I am so fascinated by her performance as a director. Without a doubt she could get so much done in any given time and always have a good outcome. Not saying that she doesn't struggle.. Which I admire even more. 

    Secondly: She is very diligent and makes sure to get something done fast, with much quality. From what I've experienced, she spends a lot of time on her projects to make sure the finished product is higher than any standard. 

    Thirdly: She is very kind, and thoughtful. She'll here you out, even if it's as small as a rant about a "bug bite you got above your right eye-brow." I'm not kidding! She speaks the kindest words and always goes for the happiness of others. That goes as a strong reason to respect her just as equally. 

    Lastly: With so much more to say about Mylae, I will cut it off here as I don't want to go into an even larger tangent than needed. 

    She is very firm when she needs something done, if it isn't done in the set quota without a good reason she will deliver the consequences without worry. Don't get on her bad side. Respect this woman and give her all you got, because she deserves it. I truly admire her and wish the best for anything she has planned for the future. <3 (I'll fite you if you sour her.)

    Sparkly6262 on Jul 23 2018: Received voice work
    Mylae is one of the most hardworking directors I have ever gotten the chance to meet. She is a very talented singer, writer, voice actress, director, and even skin maker!! She is very, very, VERY hardworking and her dedication to “Minecraft Legacies” is unbelievable and very admirable! She is a very easy and nice person to get along and work with! Her singing is beautiful and unlike anything I’ve ever heard, and her writing + voice acting skills are on point and just amazing! If you ever get the chance to work with Mylae, she will give you 1000% of her all, and the product of that is just beautiful. If you ever need a voice actor, singer, or writer for your project, Mylae is more than definitely a good person to pick! You will not regret your decision :)

    KingMeeper on Jul 27 2018: Provided voice work
    Mylae is a wonderful director and leader. She takes her work to heart and spends so much time on them. When she has free time she goes straight to work. She includes everyone to get their opinion and see if they want to add anything. She is also really fun to be with and to talk to. As a voice actress she has a really good voice and she knows what she is doing or what she wants to do. I am very happy to know her as a Director, a fellow voice actor and most importantly a friend c;

    GamingGamer on Jun 26 2018: Received voice work
    Mylae is one of the most successful people I see today pursuing a project as far as I've seen and believe me when I've said I've seen a lot! She professional and dedicated to the project, She is understanding, and nice to everyone, she isn't a pushover and when she needs to kick anyone she will. So trust me when I say she is worth the time :) 

    ArloQy on Apr 01 2018: Provided voice work

    Omg this person is amazing. She's so fun and sophisticated I don't even know like wOaH. In all seriousness though, Mylae is probably the coolest person ever, she's really friendly and lenient- just remember to not push her to her limits. She's an amazing director and I'm proud to be working under her.

    Prettyicewolf on Mar 31 2018: Was a fellow voice actor

    For as long as I’ve known Mylae, she’s always been so hardworking and has always done her part. She contrubutes as much as she can, and always insists on helping to her extent. She’s a great leader, producer and director on her own but always keeps in mind of her team. A amazing voice actor, beautiful and stunning singer and a wonderful person to work for. She deserves any part she gets, and is the numma 1 bestfrann anyone could as for. I believe in u bb!

    No Va Nonsense on Sep 16 2018: Provided voice work

    This human is an amazing hard working director, and definitely one of my favourite directors! 10/10 I RECOMMEND!

    "mylae is the best director :triumph: whoever says otherwise will be slapped :triumph:" - Pigeon

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