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Voice Actor
Video Editor
  • Skills
    Voice Acting
    Editing Audio and Video
    Writing Scripts
    Writing Comedy Scripts
  • Genders
  • Languages
  • Ages
    Young Adult
    Middle Age
  • Accents
    American Southern
    American Southern (stereotypical)
    Stereotypical German
    Stereotypical Russian
    Stereotypical Irish/Scottish
    Cowboy American
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Why hello there, I'm Kealan! I do things such as voice acting, editing, writing, and directing.

As far as voice acting goes, I primarily specialise in comedy, but I'm open to trying anything. I'm an Irish young adult with a slightly more Americanised Irish accent, however traditional Irish accents come naturally. I can do a various types of voices and accents, with some of the accents leaning toward the stereotypical side.
The bulk of the comedic voice acting I do can be found on Lame Wolf Productions on YouTube (we do gaming skits/shorts) where I regularly play an exaggerated version of myself, but I have also played a wide array of other roles, such as: god, a shady salesman, a serial killer, a crusader, a bush, a cop, a cowboy, and the list goes on. I bring a good deal of energy to my voice acting, which can be seen in many of these roles.

From my experience as a director, I have a natural eye for little details or mistakes in my own performance that I can attempt again in order to perfect it. As an editor, I appreciate good quality sound an ensuring my levels are always optimal, whether I'm whispering or shouting.

In addition, I have written, edited, and directed over 250 comedy videos with Lame Wolf. Our style tends to be out-there/dark humour, with some videos being scripted and others being largely improvised apart from a rough outline. These videos are normally written, filmed, and editing all within a couple of days, so working to a deadline comes naturally.

All of this sound good to you? Cool, gimme some work!


Obviously, I prefer to be paid for the work that I do. However, I'm pretty flexible with pricing schemes. It will largely depend on size and scale of the project, and ultimately how demanding it is.



Casting Calls and Auditons

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