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Voice Actor
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    Ability to speak in a British accent
    Ability to Improvise
    Narrations / Voice Acting / Audio Editing
    Voice Acting and Audio Editing
    Voice Over
    Audio Editing
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    Spanish (limited)
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    Middle Aged Male
    senior male
    Middle Age
    Young Adult
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    Southern USA
    Southern US
    South African
    British English
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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

A voice that inspires trust: clear, articulate, confident yet friendly.  He delivers your message with punch, humor, intelligence, and the emotion needed to tap into your audience's own needs and motivations--getting them to act on your message.  

Michael offers the producer a SOLUTION to the problem of "who do we get whose voice over will fit perfectly with our video/music or can even stand on its own if need be?"  He is the VOICE PROBLEM SOLVER!  Get your project completed with the perfect voice for it and get it out the door.  Michael can help you make that happen.

Michael's voice over type has been described as authentic, authoritative, trustworthy, charismatic, conversational. relatable, sophisticated, and knowledgeable.  He can just as easily play the role of the guy next door, professor, corporate executive, business man, animals, inanimate objects, and even the voice of God.  His voice is cast for males (but sometimes females too) aged 30-60 and has been consistently compared to Morgan Freeman, Will Lyman, Sam Elliot, and George Clooney.  In fact, a personal friend of Will Lyman's said Michael can sound exactly like him even when making no attempt to add character to his voice--a super compliment.

Michael also offers a wide variety of accents and characterizations: French, Scottish, British, Irish, Australian, US South West (Texas), US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta), US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn), Spanish, Caribbean (Cuban), South African, and even Swahili and Hawaiian--Michael offers these and can custom an accent to your needs.  Want a character like a sassy African American female, a snobby, boozy Atlanta Buckhead housewife, a middle aged African American male, a male French Persian cat...even the voice of a 3D printer...or anything in between?  Michael offers these and/or can modify them for your project or even create a new character just for you.  

Believable and motivational are the first words that come to most client’s minds when describing Michael’s voice. Comforting, sincere, warm, powerful, energetic, inspirational and versatile are also accurate just as is humorous, playful, and folksy.  He can range from a gritty, gravelly, grizzled cowboy style to blue collar approachable, to reverent, velvety, and warm.  He is just as at home recording a corporate or medical narration as he is an inspiring religious piece for a church of any denomination.  If your need is a voice over for a commercial, white-board animation, corporate narration, audiobooks, video, e-learning, explainer video, training video, internet video, TV project, educational script, IVR prompts, on-hold message, tutorial, direct response ad (DR), talking toy, GPS, medical narration, technical, legal, mobile app (android or ios), radio imaging, or high powered promo . . . Michael is the one who can make it happen.

Michael believes in two key things: (1) close partnership with clients based on honesty and promise-keeping, and; (2) an awareness that getting the right voice is often the final "bow" on the package of your project.  You want someone who can deliver, who does it on time or, frequently, ahead of schedule, and gives you the voice product that finishes off your project quickly and easily.  Michael communicates frequently and promptly--you never have to wonder "how are things going with the voice over?"  Small projects are completed in a matter of hours and larger ones within 24-48 hours, depending on project length and complexity.  Michael is not satisfied with the product until you are, and he offers a 100% guarantee on his work.  If you don't like it and don't use it, you don't pay for it.  Not only is Michael's voice trustworthy, so is he!

Voice over work is so much more than a great voice and a great read.  You expect a high quality, pristine audio recording delivered in the format of your choosing (WAV, mp3, AIFF, etc.) and that is what you will get from Michael.  He records using a Neumann TLM49 large diameter condenser microphone in an ultra-quiet fully treated Whisper Room.  He offers directive and collaborative capability via Source Connect Now, SKYPE, and phone patch--allowing you the option to direct the session from your location wherever it is in the world.

Michael can perform studio editing and processing services at the level you require and will deliver the rendered audio files to you via Dropbox, email, SoundCloud, etc. depending on the size of the file and your preferences.


I tailor it for the client.   It all depends on whether the project is a commercial one that is national, regional, for TV, radio, length of run time, number of impressions, etc.  Film, documentaries, e-learning, promos, imaging--all so different and need pricing to match the job. 

My quote will always include recording, any directed session/s needed, editing and post-production, and transmission to the client electronically.


Playhouse Productions (Los Angeles)
Danny Corey Productions (Santa Monica)
12Stone Church (Atlanta)
Better Bureau (Atlanta)
Moon Tide Media, Inc. (San Diego)
Kona Deep (Kailua, Kona, Hawaii)
Double Double (Belgium)
S&D Marketing | Advertising (Denver)
Zach Christy Designs (Los Angeles)
Sound Ideas


Your Will Lyman-style delivery was so spot on, I couldn’t
tell the difference - and Will’s a friend of mine! I couldn’t be more
pleased with your voice...it’s utterly perfect.

Tim Atzinger--Playhouse Productions

Sheesh your voice is incredible! I love the build-up of
what you sent over! It works beautifully with the images. Got some
chills. You're amazing. Thank you so much. And thank you for being so
patient and thorough. I'm thrilled with your work. You absolutely
brought this script to life.

Danny Corey--Danny Corey Productions

Man, these are fantastic. We ran it as a “Preview” last
Sunday and people really responded to it. The VO definitely took it next
level! Thank you so much for turning this so quickly!

Jonathan Maloney--12 Stone Church

You have a lovely instrument. Your voice is warm, deep,
and rich, and pleasant to listen to. It is clear and well-spoken and
your reads have a wisdom, gravitas, competence, and authority about

J. Michael Collins

Both takes are perfect. Thank you so much and best regards.

Bernardo Miguel--Double Double (Belgium) / S&D Marketing | Advertising (Denver)

Casting Calls and Auditons

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