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Hi !

reviewing my website, you will find an overwhelming
amount of talent, experience, and International exposure!

| Comedian | Actor | Show Host | Model |
Sketch Comedy Writer |

A little about me: Recently
I relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago where I was featured in several
television series. I'm an artist that has made a commitment towards my career
by investing my time and entire life savings toward traveling abroad after
attending acting coaching classes, comedy writing & theatrical institutes.
I traveled to Italy networking myself to be the host of the Giuseppe DeBiaisi
documentary film on the pollution from the tomato factories in Angri. Traveling
to Sydney, Australia to perform in major comedy venues one being The Comedy
Store at Fox Studios where I became a weekly performer.

These are just a few of my
international experiences where there were no agents, managers, or public
relations; all promoted and organized by me personally.

In the United States I was a
performer at Liza Minnelli Pre-Wedding Party at Denise Eisenberg Rich’s
penthouse who I had a personal friendship helping familiarize me with the elite
crowd of the New York City entertainment circle.

My personal friendships with Marcus
Schenkenberg and Sheldon Souray gave me the opportunity to experience The
Jersey Devils’ three Stanley Cup championships where Souray, being the star
player, organized my will call tickets to sit with Danny Aiello in the box
seats as I also celebrated the championship wins drinking champagne from the
Stanley Cup.

Invited to Y2K 2000 Millennium
Party at Studio 54 as a guest to Jason Williams, Marcus Schenkenberg, Sheldon
Souray, Mark Curry. There are others such as
Damon Wayans and script writer, Andy Moses, that can familiarize you with my
personality, talent, and character.

Many sports figures, honorable
actors, spot light promoters believe I have the qualities to make my career a
success in the acting business. I would be interested in Circle Talent
Association to represent me on this journey to continued success in my career
and my new chapter in Los Angeles.


Check out my YouTube
links below:

Website includes Resume, headshot & portfolio:


YouTube: Sold Out performance: Arcada Theater, St, Charles,


Vimeo: Flappers Comedy Club, Claremont, Ca


YouTube: Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank, Ca


Merlin Iman Artwork


YouTube: Merlin Iman Comedy News Show


Merlin “YO M” Iman Music – Toured Brazil as a Hip Hop Artist



Can't wait to work with you, Thank You,

Merlin Iman

219-427-9945 or 260-494-0062

merlinsfunny at







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