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* I'm Amanda, but I'm known as Mandy. 

* 29 years old. 
* Bookworm
* Gamer
* LOOOVEEE superheroes
* Harry Potter fan
* Doctor Who Fan
* Such a nerd

I love voice acting, and When I love something, I commit to it.


Most of the time free, though I accept paid projects.


Working/Worked with:

* Marcomax on Mass Effect: Hephastus (Animation)
Role: Cera'Yas nar Fanna (Lead)

*NataPiki on Fallen Petals (Animation)
Role: Violeta Orquídea (Lead)

*Harrimate on Natural Selection (Animation)
Role: Vonya Wolfgang (Lead)

*Flame_star1 on Little Town  (Podcast)
Role: Robin (Lead)

*LexaBell on Brimrose (Sims Animation)
Role: Leslie Myra/Lucy (Lead)

*Spencer Eldridge on Hostile Regulation: Lost District (Horror Game)
Role: Clara Walker (Lead)

*Jacket Josh on Project D.L. (Horror Game)
Role: Marian (Lead)

*Adimega on The Kane Chronicles Cartoon (ComicDub)
Role: Sadie Kane (Lead)

*majoras wrath on Creepypasta (ComicDub)
Role: Jane The Killer (Lead)

*leesinclair123 on Avengers VS X-Men Consequences #1 (ComicDub)
Role: Hope Summers (Lead)

*simbaddie115 on Secret Crescent Valley (Sims Animation)
Role: Nova (Lead)

*timeytime on Dr. Whooves: All 25 of them (Animation)
Role: Female Doctor/The Professor (Lead)

*simsfave4 on Breaking the Rules (Animation)
Role: Lauren Woodward (Lead)

*taintedangel on Love Live Short Scenes (Fandub)
Role: Honoka Kousaka (Lead)

*dark_toadette on Fire Emblem Fates: All Confessions (Fan Animation)

Role: Mozu (Lead)

*sylviapw on Magi Madoka Magica Abridged (Fandub)

Role: Homura (Lead)

*thewangz on Noragami OVA
Role: Bishamon (Supporting)

*gamerraven on Demon Enforcers (Animation)
Role: Jess Dezer (Supporting)

*ThrillSimmer on Uncanny X-Men (Animation)

Role: Emma Frost (Supporting)

*DragoniteHeroZ on Quicksilver Stop Motion

Role: Scarlet Witch (Supporting)

*sharkobiwan on Death Note Abridged
Roles: Sayu Yagami + Kiyomi Takada (Minor + Supporting)

*themightyden on Power Rangers Dino Force Brave (FanDub)
Role: Yoon Dohee/Pink Ranger (Supporting)

*savagesimmer on Causality (Animation)

Role: Tessa Valentine (Supporting)

*Lucas Robb Gradeur on Revolution (Animation)

Role: Princess Amelia (Supporting)

*mdimatteo on Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them  (Fan Audiobook)

Role: Queenie Goldstein (Supporting)

*Hitmen on Hitmen (Podcast)

Role: Sarita García (Supporting)

*JayTheSimmer on The Divine (Animation)

Role: Josephine Cray (Supporting)

*HaloNature on Trespass (Animation)

Role: Cornelia (Supporting)

*FlowersSimFactiory on Star Wars: Tainted Blood (Animation)

Role: Magie (Supporting)

*Aqwallen on The Hunger Games: Civil Blood (Fan Film)

Role: Georgia (Supporting)

*VargaProductions on A Horror Story (Audiobook)

Role: Josephina (Minor)

*krystal95 on With Teeth A Horror VA (Audiobook)
Roles: Nancy + Laurie (Minor)

*gendoukeshi on Brazen - Voice of All (Podcast)
Roles: Imi + Kesi (Minor)

*thewangz on Naruto Shippuden
Roles: LOTS of extras (Minors)

*Tsunamods on Final Fantasy 7 Project echo - S (Game/Animation)
Role: NPC (Minor)

*EeveeCaitlyn on The Luck of the Draw (Animation)
Role: Kelsey (Minor)

*ashleigh dragons on Celestials (Animation)
Role: Helena Holland (Minor)

*bendogreg on The Hotel Season 2 (Animation)

Role: Spencer Reed (Minor)



  • "We are all very grateful for your time and your effort towards voice acting for your role of this fan film. You finished every single line flawlessly and professionally. We also greatly appreciate the speed of which you submitted the files. Thank you so much from all of us at Oh!SewCool Productions and we will show you our finished trailers and final product once everything is finished."

- From Oh!SewCool Productions on my role of Georgia for The Hunger Games: Civil Blood

Casting Calls and Auditons

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