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"Hello World...Look at all that" - A favorite phrase of mine from the game 'Transistor(2014)' that has resonated with me since I first heard it. One that I now use as a way to summarize my appreciation for life, and living.

My name is De'Von Ambler. I was born January 5th, 1994 at 4:45am on a rainy morning in winter. My blood type is O- and I am afraid of heights when walking on bridges, but not on 20 hour international flights. My favorite colors are gray and blue.

Fun fact 1: I've logged over 7000 hours on Final Fantasy Xii(March 16th, 2006 release) and regard is as the best installment in their Final Fantasy series to date(updated June 28th, 2018).

Since I was younger I'd always received scrutiny for my voice from other children, and even some family members. Often I was told that I sounded "like a girl" and my appearance also did not assist as I was quite slender and shy. It was then years ago my introversion set in and from younger years until high school I always made a concerted effort to remain silent as often as applicable. However, due to a myriad of circumstances I was often my default assigned into leadership roles among my peers, which overtime helped me to open up more to those around me, and others in the world. From about my 2nd year in high school I noticed an influx of compliments I received for being 'incredibly well spoken' and 'proper'. For the longest time I'd dismissed these claims as others merely mocking me for laughs. Yet it has not stopped even today in my daily life with work. In fact my Laboratory Manager informed me recently this is part of how I got my job, my voice and demeanor doesn't match my appearance apparently.

"...I noticed an influx of compliments...for being ...well spoken"

To make an even longer story short; TLDR: I have a strong desire to become a proficient and maybe someday successful voice actor because of my love for some games. Because of my excitement for the old Saturday morning cartoons and cereal with too much sugar. Because of my want to share these feelings and more with the world.

And finally because of this lifelong series of events, I am here, here and putting in the work necessary to turn a dream into reality. 

"Hello world...Look at all that"







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