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Hello! My name is Kerstyn!

 I am interested in working on video games, cartoons, and narration. I have a professional home studio set up with a quick turn around time on projects. 

Bringing to life your characters is my goal. I give my work 100% attention to detail. You want enthusiasm, quality, and speed? 

I'm your gal! 

Currently a Voice Talent for Scriptwax Table Reads

If you wish to get in contact with me

please send me a message through my Discord to Loveliel#2481 

or you can contact me on here! 


Pricing Negotiable based on project size


 AT2020 Performance: 

Coming Soon:

Video Game: The Surfeit - Q

Audio Drama: Macbeth - Lady Mcduff

Fallout 4 Mod: Sarah Lyons

Fallout 4 Mod: H.A.L.L.E.Y

Fan Film: Zootopia Series - Dawn Bellwether, Bella Hopps

Skyrim Mod: Alkaia Follower 

Skyrim Mod: Casavir Romance - Aribeth

Skyrim Mod: Forbidden Love - Eshne

Animation: Darkzone Series - Nova

Animation: Genesis Aeterna - Girl

Animation: Showtime - Presley

 Blue Yeti Performance: 

Shumer And the Fall of Allagard: Heamanna, Arbasina, Nuurbirda, Eshua, Beira, Sharkala, Nerga, Tabusa, Subirana, Dinha, Bisara, Heamabasa, Sisbara

Evangeline:  Quest NPC voices 

Ava's Demon Comic Voice Over:  Strategos Six, Office Lady (HIATUS)

 Summerset Isle :Donothia, Bosmer NPC voices

Casavir Romance Mod :Lady Rebekah, Lady Eve

Lovicus Evellian Follower :Backstory Narrator (no official release yet)

Beyond Reach : The Priestess, Divine Goddess Mara

Skyrim Underground: Grinn the Zombie, The Ghost of Cecilia Motierre (Boss), Skeleton Butler

Scriptwax Commercial: Girl with Ice-cream 

Brown Water: Mama

Into the West: Lady Lysara Woodston, Agrastyr Mordyval(WIP UPDATE)

Shezarrine, The Fate of Tamriel: Handmaiden, Imperial Archer, Field Agent

Jerall Mountains Citadel: Verette, Miram, Lyria


Mod Author: Agerweb/ Mod: Shumer and the Fall of Allugard
"Kerstyn was a pleasure to work with and was happy to take anything I threw at her. She was also my first choice actor who pronounced all the strange names correctly first time around. Clearly has a professional sound set-up and produced lines that did not require cleaning up, which is a major time saver for me. I will certainly be using her services again."

Mod Author: Sein_Schatten/ Mod: Evangeline Companion(quest NPC voices)
"Sound files have good voice quality. Able to follow advice of how a certain voice should sound. Was fun to work with and would recommend to others."

Mod Author: BelowTheSun/ Mod: A Feathered Friend(Merete)
"Kerstyn is a delight to work with. She delivered everything that I asked for promptly, recorded to a high standard, and performed to an even higher standard. I asked a lot of her, and she didn't let me down at all."

Mod Author: AncientKane/ Mod: Skyrim Underground(Grinn)
"Voicing a zombie girl in a believable way certainly isn't an easy task. But Kerstyn's talent and intuition quickly dispelled any concerns. I am very satisfied with the final result and would recommend her anytime to others."

Mod Author: Aletss / Mod: Kamira - Fully Voiced Companion
"10/10! An amazing actress that puts a lot of time and effort on her work. She always sent me the files I needed in an extremely short amount of time. Great voice, professional quality, and an incredible attention to detail."



Casting Calls and Auditons

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