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My name is Loor and I am a hobbyist storyteller & audio-drama director & producer.
I've practiced and nearly have perfected the skill of producing some super engaging audio-dramas with a few fan-made series, one of the more popular one's being "Sonic: Unleashing Hope" 
I admit I'm not as active of a Sonic fan as I used to be, so I'm currently in the process of doing some new & original things. 
I have been described by friends as a creative spirit with a passion for projects and a loyal heart of gold.
I shamelessly admit that I am also not perfect, as I do suffer with anxiety, depression and a tiny bit of PTSD.
That being said, I firmly believe in treating others as you'd want to be treated and doing my best to treat everyone as an equal human being. 

Please feel free to message me anytime and I'd gladly be happy to chat with you.

Thank you for reading, and please have a wonderful day! ^_^ 



Laura Blue: Laura and I have been best friends and project partners for over 5 years.
She is an amazing actress & voice actress to can do a variety of awesome character voices. Whenever we get together to visit IRL we feel like we can RULE the world! We are constantly coming up with new ideas and some cool  & funny things to work on and put out. A great example of our on-the-fly randomness is this video of the time when we visited an art museum and decided to dub over some of the art pieces like the mature adults we are. XD

BrainstormAlex: Alex and I have known and worked with one another for about 2-3 years now. We both collaborated on this awesome Sonic animation in which I wrote/directed and he animated. He is definitely one of my favorite project & animators to work with! 

Official Website: 

GeneralCacti: Cacti and I have known each other for an insanely long time. Well over 10 years. He is an awesome animator and voice actor and is a great person to work with. Cacti's talents are probably best showcased in coalition with mine as voicing Sonic in my 2013-2015 audio series: Sonic Unleashing Hope.




Casting Calls and Auditons

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