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Voice Actor
Video Editor
  • Skills
    Playing Ukulele
    Video Editing (Basic)
    Stage Acting
    Audio Editing
  • Genders
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    Spanish (limited)
    Korean (singing)
  • Ages
    Young Adult
  • Accents
    Southern belle (Texan)
    North American
    Cockney English
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Fun Facts~!

Born: June 22, 1999 (19)

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Filipino, Chinese

~trained at Sifu Meng's Kung Fu Academy for 6 years and is a Red Belt tier 2 
-grew up in California, then moved to Texas after graduating high school
-became passionate about theater arts and VO at age 15
-is an International Thespian alumna and was Troupe President 2016-2017 
-real name is Reshel, alias was inspired by Soul Eater

My favorite theater roles I've played so far include Puck in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Agnes Evans in Qui Nguyen's She Kills Monsters. -LMM

Getting Into Voice Over:

I started out doing fan-made projects on BTVA like abridges and fandubs then later moved to CCC (where I still did fan-made projects for awhile). Mainly I did character impressions at the start, but now I'm branching out and creating my own voices.

See more of my older auditions on my BTVA Page. 

Theater Experience (from earliest to latest):

(siren) Xanadu by Douglas Carter Beane 

(mariner/spirit) The Tempest by Shakespeare 

(Puck) A Midsummer Night's Dream  by Shakespeare

(Bird McBean/Reporter/Meemaw/Ensemble) The Election by Don Zolidis

(Agnes Evans) She Kills monsters by Qui Nguyen 

(Ava) Isn't it Ironic by Sarah Rendon [From the NorCal Thespian Play Festival 2017]

TheatreWorks 1440 Countdown (2015 and 2016)


I will provide voice-over services without compensation for original projects that are 3 minutes or less only. For all other inquiries, see my rates below. 

RATES (vary depending on what type of project you are producing)
Animated Shorts | Youtube Videos/Series:

  • Minor Roles:

  • 5 lines or more - $5 (flat rate)

  • 4 lines or less - free :D

  • Supporting Roles:

  • short projects (less than 20 mins.) - $10-12/appearance

  • long projects (more than 20 mins.)- $12-15/appearance

  • Lead Roles:

  • short projects (less than 20 mins.) - $15-18/appearance 

  • long projects (more than 20 mins.) - $18-20/appearance

Video Games | Visual Novels:

  • $3-5 per character dialogue line

  • $1-3 per sound effect (e.g. attack yells; grunts; gasp etc.)

E-Learning | Narration

  • $0.30 per word


  • $50-75 PFH (per finished hour)

Things to Know Before Requesting  Services:

~All audio files will be sent finished, meaning that they will be completely edited (noise reduced, clean cut, paced for easier final editing), and formatted to suit your needs (WAV, MP3, OGG etc.).
~If you would like to discuss a different rate, pricing is negotiable via CCC, E-mail, Discord, or any other means of communication. BUT if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 
~Payment is accepted via Paypal and only accepted after my job is completed. 
~"/appearance" means compensation should be provided for each episode, video, or chapter etc. that my character appears in. 

Contact Information (For business inquiries only)

         E-mail: [email protected]   

       **feel free to send me a message on CCC as well if you have a request~!**


List includes some projects in the works and projects that have been completed
Format goes "Client | Project | Role" 
1st link takes you to the final product | 2nd link takes you to the casting call

Fan-made Projects                        

Original Projects

|| Are you a client seeking voice talent? Well I'm a voice talent seeking a client, sounds like a great match :D If you'd like me to voice in your production don't hesitate to send me a message on CCC or contact me through email~! ||

Contact Information (For business inquiries only)

         E-mail: [email protected]


LittleMsMeister is an absolute natural born actress who is destined for greatness. When I first heard her audition for my original project, "Pure Bond", I had a strong feeling that she was someone that I could not pass up on. Her performance was spectacular! She gave it her all and truly gotten in to her character. I can't help but praise this girl who is gifted with so much talent.   -RedPhoenix15 creator of the audiobook, Pure Bond 
"I discovered Ms_MeisterVA through the NowVoiceThis Competition on Twitter and really liked her audition. In my opinion, she deserves more recognition. To those who are on the fence on working with Reshel, I say absolutely work with her. She's really cooperative, very friendly, and easy to talk to. Her lines are always great and she does great at her job."          -Nicole Frische creator of the game, HavocFox 

Casting Calls and Auditons

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