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Voice Actor
Music Composer
  • Skills
    Baritone (instrument)
    French Horn
    Piano (a little)
    Live acting
    Voice Acting
    Artist (learning)
    writing stories and scripts
  • Genders
  • Languages
    French (learning)
    Japanese (learning)
    Korean (learning)
  • Ages
    Young Adult
    Middle Age
  • Accents
    English (British)
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Hello! Thank you for spending some of your time to check out my profile! I'm a 19-year-old biological female who sings, voice acts and live acts as well as plays many musical instruments. I can do anything I put my mind to, and I've wanted to be a voice actor for all my life! I was once invited to a National competition held by Inspire Talent two years ago but was sadly not able to attend due to financial issues and so I've ended up here! I hope you like what you see and hear and that we can work together on many projects to come! Please message me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. As always, feedback is welcomed and 100% appreciated! I love growing in my craft and moving forwards with my talent so please don't be shy even if it's negative!

As far as singing goes, I've spent years and years singing on stage in church, which started when I was super little. I still get stage fright every now and then, but I always push myself to work past it. My range has expanded incredibly, to the point that I can sing Hozier's Take Me To Church with ease (on good days, everyone has bad days!) and go up to Sia's Chandelier. This, in turn, enables me to do voices like Fluttershy from My Little Pony, to Raven from Teen Titans. I've tried my hand at more masculine sounding voice as well, and it's something I'd love to expand more on.
I can play guitar, piano, French Horn, trumpet, baritone, mellophone really well. In fact, I started playing French Horn when I was about 3-5 years old because my mom played it before me and would always let me buzz into the mouthpiece when she was done with her practice. Because of this early learning, in sophomore year of my high school career, I made first chair Horn player for a while before moving down and keeping my position as second chair despite being challenged as well. I've learned guitar on my own and I'd like to think I'm fairly decent for a beginner. I do own a capo and know how to tune because of my experience with French Horn, which is a notoriously hard to tune instrument. I took a piano class during my Sophomore year as well and was always at the top of my class despite being a beginner. As for baritone, I took a jazz band class my sophomore year and that was my first experience with Bass Clef in band. Learning to play the trumpet was easy because my sister played the trumpet and would let me practice with hers a lot, however, I'm not too good at hitting super-high notes!
Again, thank you so much for reading and checking out my profile! Have a great day!


I have none! I'm always willing to accept any money you'd like to give, but since I'm a beginner and not a professional at all (though I try my best to make it sound that way), I don't feel right asking for money for my services! I'm happy enough to learn and create a cool project with you and other performers!



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