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  • 1Total Projects
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Voice Actor
Music Composer
Audio Engineer
  • Skills
    Animal/Creature Sounds
    Some impersonations
    Voice Acting
    Audio Editing (Audacity)
    Simple Percussion
    World Flutes
  • Genders
  • Languages
    Spanish (Not fluent)
  • Ages
    Elderly female
    Elderly Male
    Middle Age
    Young Adult
  • Accents
    New York
    American Southern
    Various British
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Howdy! :)

        My name is Stephen Cumberworth, though I am also known in certain online circles as Lanóvran.  I have been a solo musician and recording artist for many years now, having released my first collection of original music (primarily featuring Native American and other world flutes) back in 2009, followed by two more albums in the years since.  I have also long had an interest in voice acting, and while I have had some opportunities to play roles in a few amateur projects, I would like to do more!

        I am hoping to build up my repertoire and reputation as far as voiceover is concerned; and to that end, I have joined this site in order to not only expand my portfolio, but also to get more practice and experience so that I may improve my acting skills!  I have spent most of my life giving voices to characters in novels as I read them, and in computer games as I play them, as well as testing my range in terms of impersonations, accents, and genres.  I would like to be able to do this professionally some day, if possible!

Please take a moment to check out my original music on Bandcamp!


I will be glad to discuss payment details with you for any projects for which you would like to use my voice!


Fox Amoore - A professional musician and composer who has recruited me to provide flute parts for several of his original compositions, including the musical score for an independent short film entitled Bitter Lake, among many others.

• Megan Duke - author of original poem, "Sleep Well, My Darling," which she commissioned me to put into song form (featured on my 2009 album, Only Natural).

• SandJosieph - composer of "Daddy Discord," a fan song inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in which I performed the singing voice of Discord.

• The creators of the SSS Warrior Cats fan animation, in which I voiced the roles of Redtail and Lionheart.


• Claudya Schmidt (a.k.a. AlectorFencer), creator and artist behind the graphic novel series, Myre: Chronicles of Yria, said of my narration of the comic's prologue...

"OMG this is so good! Ahhh! ;__;  I'm so honoured that you are feeling so inspired by the intro of the novel and that you did such a wonderful voice over! <3 @[email protected]  And you pronounced everything correctly too!"

Casting Calls and Auditons

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