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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Give this video a watch for more examples of voices I can provide for your project!

I'm Kody Skinner, I do professional level voice overs as a hobby and to help make ends meat. But what I really want to be is like a lot of you reading this. A voice actor.
If you need a deep voice, a seductive one or an angry one, maybe an antagonist or a righteous hero I'm your man. I've got no end to the silly voices I can do or the ones I'm actually proud of. 
My demo reel showcases some of the recent things I've done.
I will do any abridged roles for free so long as it's not time consuming to the point of cutting into my work, otherwise I'll have to charge you. (keep in mind you'd need to shove like 2000 words a day into my face for that)

I look forward to working with anyone and everyone.

Ps. No role is too jarring, too sexual, too unscrupulous or too dastardly evil to turn me away. So long as I'm not going to become the focal point of a twitter mob. I'll voice anything.


I will audition for free roles and payed roles alike, you can invite me to audition for a role as well. However I reserve the right to accept any roles payed or otherwise.

Some roles I might particularly like and I'm willing to do for free and other roles I will require payment to do. Voice over and acting work is a profession for me, so unless I particularly like the idea of your role, it's likely going to be closer to work than partaking in a hobby in my spare time. Some jobs are fun, others are work. 

Thus, some roles I'll do for free. Others, we can sort out the payment anytime. If I'm auditioning for a payed role I'll take whatever your offering on the page.

Lastly if you want to invite me to do payed work like the above mentions the cheapest rate that I can offer is on my Fiverr:
My rate on Fiverr is $5 USD for 25 words then $10 USD for each 50 word increment.


So to summarise, when it comes to payment it's simple.
-  I'll do free roles that I like.
-  I'll happily take whatever pay a role offers if I've auditioned for it or like it. I'm happy to work out a rate for some special roles that require rights or a LOT of words.
-  Lastly for most roles and jobs involving me speaking. Fiverr is the best way for us to work together outside of CCC as it's where I can offer my cheapest depending on the work.

Ps. Although this is a job most of the time, I like CCC cause it lets me voice act more often. Which is hard to reliably find, although this text might seem imposing, overly serious or haughty, I'm a relaxed easy going person. Weather for legal reasons, or in order to obey Fiverr's terms of service so I can keep working, disclaimers like these that are clear and concise need to be made. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.



Casting Calls and Auditons

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