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Name's Skye! I'm a young teen with a large passion for voice acting. Nothing too special, but that's why I'm here! To embrace this voice acting journey at its best.

As a girl who's in their third year of high school, I'm one of the younger members of casting call, but that doesn't mean I'm not as reliable! I work my hardest in projects and will do my best to deliver the highest quality I can.

I'm very outgoing and willing to make new friends whenever possible and I put as much effort as possible into my work, whether it would be voice acting, singing, script writing, or drawing and animating videos! I may not be a professional, but since my goals are more recreational I believe what I can do will suffice.

At the moment my vocal range consists from a childish female voice to a semi-deep, teen female voice.  I have been told that my Himiko Yumeno (From - New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony) is quite similar to the official voice, so if you need anything resembling such a voice and pitch I will do my best to meet your expectations. I'm still exploring my vocal strengths and weaknesses so this list is prone to change sometime in the future.

If by chance any of my skills are needed in any of your projects, feel free to send a message my way!

If you're in need to contact me, hit me up on Discord:


I'm willing to work for free! But if I'm in need of some money, I'll try my best in paid projects I come across.



Himiko Yumeno - Danganronpa CaH - skyetheactor

Himiko Yumeno - Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony Rewrite - DanganYoung

Maki Harukawa - Danganronpa V3 Anthology Dub - Origin Queen

Himiko Yumeno - Danganronpa V3 Voice Acting Group: Operation Good Ending! - TheOneTrueMolly

Naoki Maru - Danganronpa Room Of Despair - Squeedo

Maki Harukawa, Kaede Akamatsu - Danganronpa Vr Chat Roleplay Group - DaAwkwardLauren

Rantaro Amami - Danganronpa Genderbent Comic Dubs And Other Stuff! - Koyoshi

Himiko Yumeno - Danganronpa The *Aftermath* Audio Drama (Characters from all 4 games) - Danganronpa The Audio Drama Productions
Himiko Yumeno - Danganronpa V3 (Abridged to Death)  - Cosmic02

Himiko Yumeno - Danganronpa V3: Dubbings - ToxxicFairy

Himiko Yumeno - Danganronpa V3 Love Hotel Fandub - CherryChan
Haru Okumura - Persona! The Audio For Drama! - smoothsagemaster

Hikaru Yuriko - Danganronpa: Doosmday High - DoomsdayHigh

Himiko Yumeno - KillingHarmonyDubs: A Danganronpa V3 Fandub Group - Kixionn
Himiko Yumeno - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Voicing (Fan Dub) - Zelly

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