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Hello,  my name is Kira Eslick, i'm a 17-year-old writer, actor from Arkansas . I've been writing since I was a little, I use to write my own songs, scripts, plays, and everything. It wasn't til I was 14 when I realized how fun it might be to start acting. My family doesn't really believe and support my plan of acting but that's okay because with all that I learn the only person you need to make your dreams come true is yourself.

I am so happy to finally find a website where I can be around people with the same interest as me. I am a self-taught actor. I don't have the money to take theater, my parents don't want to drive me to any theaters, and I don't have a drama club at my school so I have no choice to teach myself. 

I want to be able to escape the world for a few hours and live life through a different person, a different perspective.  I have a ton of confidence in myself and I know with a hard work I can accomplish anything that I want. I believe that everyone can do what they want to do, if they want to be a singer, I believe in them, if they want to work with the president, I believe in them, I don't know who would want to work with Donald Trump but, hey, it's there dream!  Even if they don't believe in me, I believe in them because I am not doubting anyone's ability to succeed. There is too much of that. People doubting Katy Perry, look what she's doing now, they doubted Jacob Sartorius, look at him now, people are doubting me, but look where I am going to be!


I am not worried too much about money that I am about building myself up. I'm not saying I don't want money because money is good. But since I am starting out fresh, I am really not that worried about it. 

If the audition pays then I will accept and If it doesn't then I will also accept that.  It's no big deal.



To learn more about me visit my website:

* If you have question and it is not on my website then you can always ask me directly on here or via email, I would love to hear from you!

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