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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hello, My name is Kerstyn!

I am a professional voice over artist with a 110% passion and attention to detail!

I have a large range of character voices that include Enthusiastically Quirky to Seductively Sinister and even that one crazy witch you'd find in a bog.

I have worked on many projects in various media, read for a table reads company, and even played an extra in the movie 'Unaccompanied Minors'.


I'd love to be apart of your team and give you my all!

Let's make something awesome together!


Mod Author: Agerweb/ Mod: Shumer and the Fall of Allugard
"Kerstyn was a pleasure to work with and was happy to take anything I threw at her. She was also my first choice actor who pronounced all the strange names correctly first time around. Clearly has a professional sound set-up and produced lines that did not require cleaning up, which is a major time saver for me. I will certainly be using her services again."

Mod Author: Sein_Schatten / Mod: Evangeline Companion(quest NPC voices)
"Sound files have good voice quality. Able to follow advice of how a certain voice should sound. Was fun to work with and would recommend to others."

Mod Author: BelowTheSun / Mod: A Feathered Friend(Merete)
"Kerstyn is a delight to work with. She delivered everything that I asked for promptly, recorded to a high standard, and performed to an even higher standard. I asked a lot of her, and she didn't let me down at all."

Mod Author: AncientKane / Mod: Skyrim Underground(Grinn)
"Voicing a zombie girl in a believable way certainly isn't an easy task. But Kerstyn's talent and intuition quickly dispelled any concerns. I am very satisfied with the final result and would recommend her anytime to others."

Mod Author: Aletss / Mod: Kamira - Fully Voiced Companion
"10/10! An amazing actress that puts a lot of time and effort on her work. She always sent me the files I needed in an extremely short amount of time. Great voice, professional quality, and an incredible attention to detail."

Mod Author: Levionte /  Mod: M.A.R.I - Advanced Companion

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"People have come to expect a high level of quality in my projects, and I hold them to a higher standard, still. That's why I specifically sought out Kerstyn's talents for my latest project and was not disappointed. No matter what I asked of her or how unconventional or specific my requests, the results were always of superb quality - both from a technical standpoint and in regards to her performance. She was completely reliable and extremely timely. The project would not have enjoyed the success it's achieved without her contributions and unwavering enthusiasm."



Casting Calls and Auditons

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