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Hello! I'm Audrey! I do voice acting for myself and I try to audition somewhat for other people. I won't do "mature content" since I am still a small, young child. I can voice act for topics such as horror/murderous movies, a bit of flirtatious talking, etc. I do love scripting/writing so if you ever need a writer, hit me up!

I absolutely love voice acting and, just reading out loud. I love expressing character with emotion, even sometimes when I'm reading a script, I just REALLY get into it and BECOME that character. 

My hobbies and interests include, obviously, voice acting, writing, reading, drawing, acting, playing video games, tennis, piano, viola, ukelele, guitar, etc. I'm just your typical teenage girl, liking what I like. 

Since, well, you know, I'm just your typical, teenage, moody girl, I do go through depression and self-esteem. So, just be cooperative because I do get stressed out REAL easily and I have anxiety. I am trying to get rid of these thoughts itself, and trying to be the best person I can be.

Yes, I know, I do not sound like my age, more of a two-year-old sort of voice. I can partially sing, but I don't think I can myself.  I can play piano (I've been playing for about 7-8 years) and I am average at playing the viola, therefore I'm mostly capable of just voice acting.

If you do want to cast me, here's a few things that you should know. 
I will usually give you my lines on Tuesday's. Do not RUSH me when I voice act or else I get really under pressure and start having a panic attack (I know it seems stupid but it does happen to me). I get really stressed but, it's my fault. I'm the one who wants to do the voice acting. 

OKAY, so, as most of you know, I am starting a new Minecraft Roleplay (who plays Minecraft anymore?). If you DO want to join, it's in my "Projects". Please read the requirements and make sure to leave your Discord in the description so I don't have to ask you to be added. 

Thank you to all who read this, and I will talk to you again! If you have any questions about me, please, message me on Discord, Gmail, or YouTube!

Discord - - audrey senpie#7232
YouTube -- Lemonade
(My Gmail is on YouTube)


I'll do anything for free! But, maybe pay is good too? 


Since I am new to VA... here's a few people I voice act for

Lakeview High and Lakeview Life -- Mia Williams - bri_marie630
Mist Of Skies -- S.H.S Productions -- Angelica Sky -- Kawauu Wolfy
City of Elender -- Poppy -- IsabellaVA
Fallen Hearts Roleplay -- Cassie -- Mistaev
Atura High -- Qis -- purr
Rainclouds -- Audrey -- ItsMochi

I body act(ed) for...
Say It -- Taiga/ECS
Mist of Skies -- Kawauu Wolfy
Almost Lost -- emmaxphant
Fallen Hearts Role Play -- Mistaev
Rainbow Productionz -- Rainbow Roleplays
Lakeview High and Lakeview Life -- bri_marie630
Snowdrop Studio -- Muffin


no one likes me so im not praised xd

Casting Calls and Auditons

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