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 >>Basic Info<<

Heyo! I'm Kat, I am 18 years old and I live in the EST (Eastern Standard Timezone). I am mainly looking to voice for games and animated projects. I am very passionate about the arts and aside from singing and voice acting, I also love photography, stage acting, and drawing. Feel free to message me on here about any roles you may have for me or just to chat! I generally reply within two to three days.

Note: Responses may be slower as I am currently focused on college

Voice Acting

 I have been voice acting for only one year, so I've got a tiny bit of experience though I still have a long way to go. I am completely comfortable with swearing and heavy topics.

> Updated demo reels to come


 I have also been singing for about 16 years unprofessionally of course, though I do love singing, I've never had any lessons, I would love to though if given the chance to as I believe there is always room to improve. I have a few covers posted on my Youtube, which is linked on my profile on the left. My favourite musical artist and biggest inspiration is EDEN, if you have not heard any of his work I highly recommend it!

> Updated demo reels to come

>>Contact Info<<

I prefer most contact to be through Discord, though I do have an email as well, either of these will be given upon request. This is simply to avoid spam.


>>Pricing & Payments<<
As I am newer to voice acting I don't expect a very high payment if payment is involved, I rely mostly on getting paid what the creator believes I deserve based on my performance. In terms of how payment is received I prefer the use of paypal.


>>Current Roles & Projects<<

This is a list of all my roles including those cast outside of Casting Call Club

(Not Started) - Project is still in scripting or casting phase, no lines have been required

(In Progress)  - At least one set of lines has been sent

(Complete!) - All required lines have been sent

(Ongoing Project) - A project I will continuously be working on

(PAID) - A project where I am receiving payment for my work

(Inactive) - A project that has not been active for at least a month no script sent


Saisenten Shitai in Makai Mountain - Visual Novel - (In Progress)

Cast by: Lapis26619C on CCC

Melody Wildebeat in Under the Weather Dome -Youtube Series(In Progress)

Cast by: random shipper girl on CCC

Retr0 in Crystal Clear  -Audiobook-  (Inactive)

Cast by: sglodionasiocled on CCC

Hiromi Shima in Despair Encounters - Fanganronpa -  (Inactive)

Cast by: ericaisgay69 on CCC

-League of Legends-

Lulu in League of Legends Comic Dubs - Comic Dub- (Ongoing Project)

Cast by: SilverSoul offsite


Jillian in Terraglyph  -Original RPG Game- (PAID)(Complete!)

Cast by: dangergoblin on CCC

Ezel in KAIMA  -Game Dub- (Complete!)

Cast by: arizaluca on CCC

Mochi in Friendly Bunny Mochi  -Game Dub- (Not Started)

Cast by: arizaluca on CCC

-Fire Emblem-

Ameila in Fire Emblem Heroes Comic Dubs -  (Complete!)

Cast by: Voxridian on CCC

Celica in Confession -Dub- (Complete!)

Cast by: CasualEmblem on CCC


Yukiko Amagi  in Persona 5 -Scene Dub- (Complete!)

Cast offsite

Tanis & Stacy  in Ghouloween -Parody Animation- (Complete!)

Cast offsite

Ichigo Hoshimiya in Aikatsu! -Anime dub- (In Progress)

Cast by: idolproblems on CCC


Mikuru Asahina in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -Audio Book- (Not Started)

Cast by: notsnaps on CCC


Extra in Pretty Cure All Stars -Anime Movie Dub- (Complete!)

Cast offsite

Extra in Mage & Demon Queen -Comic Dub- (Inactive)

Cast offsite


-No Testimonials Currently-

Casting Calls and Auditons

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