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Hi folks! My name is Kristen (she/her) and I live in Dallas, Texas. According to my husband, I am Donna Reed with an attitude. I enjoy baking, watching movies and anime, reading books, and taking care of my family because they take care of me too!

People I come across at home ask me where I'm from because they say I don't sound like I have a southern accent. Outside of Texas, however, others easily identify me as a southerner. Some people think it's cute, and others still ask me if we all ride around on horses and wear cowboy hats. In all honesty, I do have a well-worn pair of black cowboy boots.

I’ve wanted to get into voice acting for years, and just never had the courage to push myself to try it until now. Thanks for taking a look and giving me a chance to read for you!

Feel free to message me on Discord at KMart#9543 or on Twitter @K_MartyMart. looking forward to hearing from you!



Lazy Bunch - Commander Delilah - Reclaimer

Fallout New Vegas Missing Person's Mod - Agent Karp
Jennie, the House Keeper - The Shadow S4E3: The Long Arm of Death!

Soulcalibur OC Battles - Miya Sakai -- Soulcalibur IV -- Soulcalibur V -- Soulcalibur VI
Mitsuru Kirijo - BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
Lufia Prologue - Erim - YouTube video

Petal/Cul/Extras - In the Shadow of the Valley
Hi Its Jali - Crunchy Dragon Treats - Azure


Two Sober Dwarves - Nancy Cooper - Endless Vigilance

Leonidas Audio Productions - Ionia - Alfhild: Maiden of the Sea

Firefly - Hansel Mayweather - The Well ~ YouTube
triple g beast - GTA 5: The Zombie Attack Revelations - Charlene (Episode 7 & on)
Thudmeizer - Warhammer40k mods - Sanctorum Pattern Exorcist, Amberley Vail, Female Grand Inquisitor

In Production
TheAweStep - Lotta Hart - Ace Attorney Fandub
maiko sakukai - Female Devil - Devil Number 4 Comic Dub
Rift Point Productions - Commander K'Marta - Star Trek: Resurgence
BlueStar - Kamui Tokinomiya/Narrator - Arcana Heart 3 Fandub
WCS - Don Sharon - Crescendo
USA Announcer - Command & Conquer Contra Mod


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