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Voice Actor
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    Audio Editing (Basic)
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    English (Fluent)
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    Southern American
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  • Hello, my name is Justin D. Mittlestadt.

  • I'm glad that you've found my page here and I do hope you find me at least somewhat akin to the voice talent you're looking for. If not, then that's alright too.

  • I'm here as an aspiring talent looking for as much work as I can to get me introduced to the industry.

  • I've done plenty of voice talent in the past and I quite enjoy working with all forms of people, so my reaction to any work environment is often a relaxed and open minded one. Please let me know if you're interested in my assistance on work for a project at any time, I'm entirely open to messages or notes of any kind.

  • Please contact me at your leisure.


$0.05 per word.


Carey Poole.


  1. "Testimony for role of Cyrus in Voiced Chrono Trigger Project. 

  2. Over the course of this project I’ve seen Justin evolve his performance & technical skills – which is especially impressive in a fresher voice actor. Throughout he has been reliable, takes direction well and exceeds expectation, but isn’t afraid to organically work to bring truth to the material when given the opportunity. I value a voice actor’s capacity to follow their brief, naturally, but I also believe a crucial part of the profession is not simply to bring a director’s vision to reality, but bring a character to life. In both these fields Justin excelled. After a standard discussion phase to explore motivations, narrative arc etc. once recording began Justin was consistent and hardworking, as well as being open to work with me (director) in finding different approaches to difficult or complex dramatic segments. From an admittedly rocky start on the technical front, he has made leaps of progress raising himself to a professional level, which only reinforces a heartfelt vocal performance. I’d like to stress to anyone reading this that the example clips from this role are from the middle of this progression, and thus the mic quality is non-representative of the present-day, having increased significantly since these recording sessions. I am a very specific director and demanded a complicated role of Justin. He rose to the challenge, expectations, and turned in an overall fabulous role." - Carey Poole. (Director)

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