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Voice Actor
Video Editor
Music Composer
Audio Engineer
  • Skills
    singing and voice acting also writing
  • Genders
  • Languages
    English (Fluent)
  • Ages
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My name is Joellamae, people call me Jello and I'm 16 and have been voice acting for about 6 years. Recently, I've been getting cast in some stuff which I'm somehow surprised but at the same time I do wish to audition for other things and see how I do! I do singing, voice acting, my own projects, etc. I somewhat do fandubs, but that is for other people. I tend to be quiet but I also like to get my lines done ASAP and make sure they're good.
What microphone I use
The microphone I use is a bit old but I'm buying a new one it is a Fifine. BUT! Instead, I decided to get a 400 dollar XLR. I do have a popfilter also, so no need to worry on that!
What I like to voice act as
I don't really care what I voice act of at points. But I do love to voice act nekos. On some VA servers on Discord I am known as The Neko Specialist. I usually am grateful for what I voice act as. Either way I do try my best and make sure I get better everytime.
How to contact me if I get cast
If I get cast in a project of anyone's I make sure they contact me email wise, google hangouts, teamspeak, or Discord. I do not use Skype and I don't plan to use it.


I don't really get paid that much. But if I do it would depends on what I'm in, and who I am voicing. If I'm voicing a lead role I'd say 5-20+ dollars (this isn't that much, which doesn't bother me). If I'm voice a support character 5-10 dollars. If I'm voicing an extra, 5 dollars. I don't talk really expensive for voice acting since I would rather be doing it for myself and to enjoy myself. That is wrong in a way since sometimes the money is worth it but like I said, I usually voice act to enjoy myself and help out.



Casting Calls and Auditons