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Jennifer Layla is a thirty year old voice actress based in New York. She may be shy in person, but in the booth, Jennifer channels a whole different persona (or five). She's a self-proclaimed animation enthusiast, a lover of all things animated no matter the medium. She even collects Animation Cels! 

Jennifer Layla has taken classes with reputable actors such as Crispin Freeman, Brittany Lauda, Matt Shipman, Chuck Huber and Peter Rofé.

She played a small role as Sunday Mama's Waitress in the anime "Juden-Chan", including some bit roles and walla. Jennifer has also performed walla for "Rio: Rainbow Gate!"

On her free time, Ms. Layla enjoys playing World of Warcraft (for the Alliance!), reading comics, listening to Ghibli Jazz renditions as she cooks, watching BoJack Horseman for the millionth time, singing  Disney songs at her local karaoke bar and taking care of her baby dog child, Yuki. She also loves working out at the gym and drinking tea. She often daydreams about returning to Tokyo for another fun vacation! 





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Juden-Chan: Waitress, Additional Voices, WALLA

Rio: Rainbow Gate! - WALLA


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