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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hi hi! Jannii here!

I'm a short little strawberry who likes to draw, sing, and from time to time, voice act! 
Starting December 2017, I will start my dream of being a utaite and join fun singing collaborations someday!
Hopefully, as I progress, I can get myself some more professional gear and equipment to help me out! ^^

Recommendations welcome! ^^
If you have worked with me or just happen to taking a stay, stalking my profile( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) be free to recommend me! It helps me see the things I'm good at, and especially the things I need to work on, along with helping me find more roles to audition as ^^. Also, it doesn't hurt to spread a little positivity and complements around! 

Feel free to recommend me for some projects! I'm always happy to help!

  • -Able to do vocals

  • -Intermediate Mixer

  • -Illustrator (demos and samples soon ^^)

  • -Practicing how to edit some bomb videos

Come join me on my adventure here and on my youtube channel:


Ja ne~


Free! No payment needed. Voice acting and singing are currently just a hobby.


Love live Groups:
Catfe: Korekara Cover Group-Eli Ayase
Sayomiya: Somnium - Emma Verde
Majestic Dragon: Eternity Mermaid Festa Vol 1 group cover- MEzzo Soprano
Ameyou: Sunkiss Idols- Ruby/Hanayo
Hanya Sings: Paradise Live group cover- Nico Yazawa
Rachele1220: IX all in cover group- Kotori Minami
Kat Sunshine: 18 Voices cover group- Nico Yazawa
Ekho: Novenery cover group- Hanayo Koizumi
Love Live Chorus: My mai tonight chorus- Umi Ayase
Momoko: Magia Magical Girl Idol Group- Pink
Illya: Project: µ'Sical Sunshine!!- Yohane/Nico
Rainbow-ninja: A-Rise Shocking Party Group Cover- Erena Todo
Kat Sunshine: Printemps Sub-Unit Rotation Strawberry Trapper cover- Hanayo Koizumi

Other Groups:
Momoko: Magia Magical girl idol group- Pink
Ffcyndrome: Mr.Music Acoustic Chorus Cover- Luka

Voice Acting:
HeyIt'sQueri: Special A Fandub- Yui Oikawa
Unproffesional_Comics: Boku No Hero Academia Comic Dubs- Ochaco Uraraka
Konami Chan: Bloom into you/yagete kimi ni naru audiobook- Koyomi Kanou
nikko therealeternal: Love and Lies Fandub- Shuu Igarashi


Casting Calls and Auditons

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