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Hello everybody! This is HaruTsunX, just call me Haru.
I started pursuing Voice Acting and Voice Over since May 2015.

I've lent my voice to several projects in the likes of Machinima, Abridged, Fan Dubs, Comic Dubs, as well as original works like Animations & Video Games that are in the making.
However, I'm not limited to those types of projects as I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to better myself.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to DM me about role(s), please provide the following information:
- R
ole(s) you wish me to try out.
- Information about the role(s) like type of voice, personality/mannerisms, etc.
- Casting Call Page Link
- General info on the project (if not provided in the casting call) like the type of project, paid or unpaid, # of takes per line when auditioning/submitting lines.


Please DM me for rates.


Ongoing Original Projects:
Havoc Fox (Game) 「Public Demo Available!」 by Nicole Frische | Voice of Dyvex
Odesia Project (Animation) by Loor101 | Voice of Thomas Shange
ScribbleWeavers (Animation) by RakugakiX | Voice of Xander

Ongoing Fan Projects:
Chronicles of Brawl (Machinima) by MickeyMurk | Voice of Marth
Tales of Elysium - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Comic Dub
 (Fandub) by CrownieVA | Voice of Narrator & Leon

Phoenix Rising (Machinima) by Spiderfreak1011 | Voice of Marth, R.O.B. & Ivysaur
Watermelon - Webtoon Comic Dub (Fandub) by CrownieVA | Voice of Leon
Cinderella Phenomenon (Fandub) by Ruka Samuels | Voice of Karma
Next Smash R (Machinima) by Angelglory | Voice of CupleoF0X
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Fandub (Fandub) by Amiti Productions | Voice of Prince Innes
Tower of God Dub (Fandub) by Dr Bonehead | Voice of Evan Edroch
MaNova (Machinima) by Ziggy | Voice of Prince James
Roy's Our Boy (Machinima) by Bryan Luna | Voice of Marth
Idolmustard (Abridged) by Mahado | Voice of Yayoi Takatsuki

Completed Projects:
Magvel Holiday Wishes by Amiti Productions | Voice of Innes
Ib With Voices (Fandub) by BlueRhaps0d1 | Voice of Garry & Additional Voices

Yuri on Stage!!!: The Chihoko Drama [Full English Dub] (Fandub) by Nati Bee Studios | Voice of Guang Hong
Rock & Riot (Fandub) by TransPans | Voice of Eugene
Romeo X Juliet Fandub (Fandub) by Mint Monster VA | Voice of Romeo
Combined Arms Part II: Wrath from Orbit (Machinima) by Terallian | Voice of Garuda Helmsman
Phoenix Wright's SSBB Case Files (Audio Drama) by Agent0Fluffy | Voice of Marth & Pichu
Objects your Rotom should NEVER possess (Fandub) by Dragonrider393 | Voice of Sun {Male Trainer}
Ledgehog & Retro Chic (Fandub) by Dragonrider393 | Voice of Marth
SAO Aincrad Abridged (Abridged) by Hana. Co | Editor and Voice of Kibaou & Additional Voices
Fictional Fights (Versus Debate Show) by LeopoldTheBrave | Voice of Hira {Main Host}

For further details of the mentioned projects and additional projects, please take a look at this spreadsheet listing them here.


Please refer to the Recommendations section on the side of my profile. 

Casting Calls and Auditons

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