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    Script writing
    Photo Editing
    Voice Acting
    Basic animation
    Video Editing
    Audio Editing
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    English (Fluent)
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    Japanese (limited)
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    Typical Anime Protagonist
    Middle aged
    Young Adult
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    Psychotic if that counts
    No idea
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I'm just a kid who desperately needs to update his demo reel. That's the big overall summary of this. To be more specific though, I've been the good guy, the bad guy, a Super Saiyan, a Tuffle, a giant monkey, a world champion, a legend, a god, Devilman, a Namekian, a Majin, a Pride Trooper, an angel, a Prince, a giant cicada monster, Satan, a FranXX Pilot, a boot camp instructor, The Human Spider (if you get the movie reference), a goblin, an overly attached alien goo monster, a hormonal teenager  with a harem. a teacher and of course a human. Majority of my capabilities are self taught or things i expanded upon after taking a class that taught me the basics. I've even managed to learn how to edit music in Windows Movie Maker. Now I use Audacity and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14 to edit. I used to use the mic on my headphones or on my phone itself but i now have a mic. Makes it much easier than having to exploit tricks to get a phone mic to have optimal quality. Still learning of course. I'm not 100% sure of my limits as far as range so I'm willing to give anything a try once!


Negotiable. Fine with free, fine with paid.



Always helps fill in some extras!

Dragon Ball Franchise Regulars

- Goku (All Ages) (Veku, Gogeta, Vegito)

- Vegeta (Veku, Gogeta, Vegito)
- Piccolo
- Gohan (All Ages)

- Goten (All Age) (Gotenks)
- Krillin
- Elder Kai
- Shenron

- Cell (All Forms)

- Yajarobi

- Burdock

- Nappa

Dragon Ball Z: Fan Dubs
- Jheese

- Butta
- Grand Kai

- Demon Janemba

High School of the Dead Abridged

- Takashi Komuro
- Zeke

Tears of the Devilman
- Akira Fudo
- Devilman
- General Xenon
- Track Team Males

Super Dragon Ball Z
- Jiren
- Goku Black
- Zamasu (All Forms)

Dragon Ball GT: Vendetta of the Vengeful Tuffle
- Baby
- Gill
- Omega Shenron

Super Secret
- Ryan Nam

I Love Yoo
- Jester Masked Extra

And others currently a secret...

Directed, Edited and Produced

- Dragon Ball GT: Vendetta of the Vengeful Tuffle
- Dragon Ball Z: Fusion From Hell
- Super Dragon Ball Z
- High School of the Dead Abridged


•Constipation.mp3 (In reference to my power up scream as Super Saiyan 4 Goku)

• You do have a typical anime protagonist voice so it works out.


It's a bit too well put together, you need to come out of your room more.


Oh, my world. I don't have words, it sounds really cool.

- Perdita J Samuel-Lopez

The episode is great! And the episode is pretty funny and kick ass!

- Madam Dittles in reference to DBGT Re-Dub's first episode.

Holy crap this is really good! The lip-syncing is amazing!
- Salsahero in reference to Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 (English Dub)

Casting Calls and Auditons

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