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Voice Actor
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    Limited Audio Editing
    Voice Acting
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    high pitched
    double voices at the same time (Think Vegito but no editing)
    Deep voice
    Young Adult
    Middle Age
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    Not sure but will give anything a try at least
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Will add demo soon!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Goten Ittetsu. I'm very casual and easy to get along with, a goofball, serious if need be, a bit sarcastic but usually in good fun ( if I say something that offends you or is out of line just tell me and I'll immediately apologize. I don't have any intentions of causing problems. If there is a problem feel free to let me know so we can discuss it civilly). I'm an 18 year old male with range. I will gladly accept just about anything that is offered to me if it pays or if I have a personal interest. To give an idea of my vocal range, I can perfectly mimic TFS Krillin, Nappa, Cell (all 3 forms), Piccolo and the commander from their AOT abridged one shot. I can also hit the low growls of characters like Broly and demonic like characters, scream like a Super Saiyan, can scream while growling (like a screamo band but more understandable), i can actually make it sound like I have 2 voices, no editing and no tricks. It's pretty cool. Have a throat of steel so losing my voice will be a rarity if I ever do. I can also play the cool, calculating types or the psychotic maniacs who are scary as all hell one minute and laughing like Light Yagami the next. I can do almost anything if I try except high pitched. I can do it but i can only go so high before my voice disappears and it sounds like I'm gasping. Speaking of which, in my attributes I know it said age but i also included characteristics so definitely check that. I'm also a writer so don't worry about a monotone performance (unless that's the character's tone, I'll add as much emotion as needed but otherwise those are the exemptions), I understand the need to get the feelings through to the audience and once I know who I'm doing and what their purpose is I'll deliver. Very open to constructive feedback and criticism. I'm not perfect and I know i have a lot of room to grow. Even if you doubt my ability, shoot me some lines with context to the situation and maybe I'll end up being who your looking for. Whether it's for fun or for work, expect my all!!!


Will work for free or money depending. Prefer knowledge in regards to the availability of payment before hand. No matter the position, I will give 100%!


None yet besides school projects I deleted.


My TV Production teacher often let us make our own videos about whatever we wanted. I always scored perfect on those. Same any other time I had to make a video for a class.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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