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Voice Actor
Video Editor
Audio Engineer
  • Skills
    Script writing
    Video Editing
    Electric Guitar
    Audio Editing
  • Genders
  • Languages
    English (Fluent)
  • Ages
  • Accents
    Southern American
    Can fake some
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  • I'm trying to take paid work requests only! Thanks!

  • Siddhartha is a voice actor from British Columbia, Canada. He has a wide vocal range and provides passionate voice work to a variety from entertainment mediums ranging from video games and animations to audio dramas!


For amateur projects, I'd be more than willing to work for free. For Professional projects, my rates are:

General Voice Over (Animations, Video Games, etc):
80$/Hour, or 2$/Line

300$/Hour, or 4$/Line

I am always ready and willing to negotiate rates to fit your budget!
These are purely general base rates and are very flexible.

If I audition for your casting call that already has a set payment, you do not have to follow these rates.


Original Games/Visual Novels

Circean Studios - "Konsui Fighter"
Role: "Itami"

Starlight Visual - "Caladria Chronicles"
Roles: "Yuu Takamine" + "Tsubasa Otori"

Reine Works - "Mizari Loves Company"
Role: "Issen"

Violet Dev Team - "Dead Wishes"
Role: "Mateo"

Rarithylinx - "Fredbear and Friends: Reboot"
Role: "Richard"

Original Animations/Fanime

Nathan Eigbe - "Enter The Interventors"

Role: "Vince"

Anime Star - "Persona 5 Hiimdaisy Animation"

Role: "Akira Kurusu/Ren Amamiya/Joker"

Original Audio Books

Tiffany Lim - "Gate Seekers"
Role: "Rohan"

Ghosti31 - "Chaos Realm"
Role: "Turstin"

  Mizuki-Sama - "Mission: Extermination"

Role:  "Natsu Dragneel"

Pokejedservo - "Crazy Plot Twist Theatre Street Fighter"
Role: "Yang"

Abridged Series

Lord Daedryth - "Durarara!! Abridged"

Roles - "Izaya Orihara" + "Morita"

Pika Cheeks - "Pipe Note Abridged"
Role: "Light Yagami"

supermbro - "Nanbaka! Abridged"
Role: "Jyugo"

cyanide_fs - "Cyanide's Cancerous Abridged Expose"
Role: "Light Yagami"

Ligh1Dork - "Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Abridged"
Roles: "Extras"

Anime/Video Game/Comic/Manga Fandubs

Schopsyva - "Fisheye Placebo Tribute"
Role: "Vance Lee"

Dr_Bonehead - "Tower Of God Dub"
Role: "Hansung Yu"

Shizukanee - "Castaways (Fire Emblem Fates Supports and Comic Dubs)"
Role: "Corrin"

Sonic12o3 - "Persona 5 Manga Anthology - A Highschooler’s Holiday Dub"
Role: "Akira Kurusu"

Rainie - "Persona 5 Comic Dubs"
Role: "Akira Kurusu/Joker"

Yumeparadox - "Legend Of Zelda Comic Dubs"
Role: "Link"

Rainie - "Food Wars! English Fandub"
Role: "Soma Yukihira"

KiraVA - "Miraculous Ladybug Fan Comic Dubs"
Role: "Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir"

SenpaiFruit - "Seraph Of The End Fandub"
Role: "Makato"

AllenTheUltimateGamer - "Yuu Goes Berserk Fandub"
Role: "Crowley"

KiraVA - "Tightrope - Durarara!! x2 Fandub"
Role: "Izaya Orihara"

KiraVA - "Mystic Messenger Comic Dubs"
Roles: "707" + "Unknown"


“Siddhartha has a very professional and down-to-earth approach to voice acting. He shows true passion for bringing the characters he voices to life, and went the extra step in creating a performance that expanded on the script and character materials he was provided. Siddhartha took direction well and was willing to experiment along with the director during recording sessions. We at Circean Studios are excited to share his performance in Konsui Fighter as Itami, and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again on future projects!” – Circean Studios

“We cast Siddhartha in the role of Issen for our project ‘Mizari Loves Company’. Since then, he has done excellent work that has been delivered in a very timely manner, well before our deadlines. We couldn’t be happier with his work. He developed an age-appropriate voice and great British accent to help really make his character blend into the game’s setting, based solely on the short description we gave for the casting call. In addition, from his audition lines to his finished work, he has perfectly emulated the essence of Issen, where others didn’t quite seem to ‘get’ the character.” - Reine Works

“Siddhartha is a fantastic actor to work with. He delivers his lines on time, and we are thoroughly impressed with his level of professionalism. He is a strong communicator and a talented artiste. We look forward to working with Siddhartha in the future.” - Story Sight Studio

Casting Calls and Auditons

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