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Voice Actor
Video Editor
Audio Engineer
  • Skills
    Video Editing
    Electric Guitar
    Audio Editing
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    English (Fluent)
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    Southern American
    Can fake some
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  1. I downright am obsessed with Acting. I desire to improve myself constantly, and always want to satisfy the director. I can play a variety of roles, from Protagonists, to Supporting, all the way to Antagonists, and will ALWAYS deliver lines in by any given deadline, even before, if possible. I'm also always open to live direction.  


I am always ready and willing to negotiate rates to fit your budget! These are purely general base rates and are very flexible.

General Voice Over (Animations, Video Games, etc):
80$/Hour, or 2$/Line

300$/Hour, or 5$/Line

If I audition for your casting call that already has a set payment, you do not have to follow these rates.


Original Games/Visual Novels

Circean Studios - "Konsui Fighter"
Role: "Itami"

Starlight Visual - "Caladria Chronicles"
Roles: "Yuu Takamine" + "Tsubasa Otori"

Reine Works - "Mizari Loves Company"
Role: "Issen"

Violet Dev Team - "Dead Wishes"
Role: "Mateo"

Rarithylinx - "Fredbear and Friends: Reboot"
Role: "Richard"

Original Animations/Fanime

Armadillo - "School Kids"
Role: "Charlie"

Anime Star - "Persona 5 Hiimdaisy Animation"

Role: "Akira Kurusu/Ren Amamiya/Joker"

Original Audio Books

Tiffany Lim - "Gate Seekers"
Role: "Rohan"

Ghosti31 - "Chaos Realm"
Role: "Turstin"

OkimototSan - "My Mother's Death"
Role: "Keiji Okimoto"

  Mizuki-Sama - "Mission: Extermination"

Role:  "Natsu Dragneel"

Pokejedservo - "Crazy Plot Twist Theatre Street Fighter"
Role: "Yang"

Abridged Series

Lord Daedryth - "Durarara!! Abridged"

Roles - "Izaya Orihara" + "Morita"

Pika Cheeks - "Pipe Note Abridged"
Role: "Light Yagami"

supermbro - "Nanbaka! Abridged"
Role: "Jyugo"

Bryce412 - "Seraph Of The End Abridged"

Role: "Mikaela Hyakuya"

cyanide_fs - "Cyanide's Cancerous Abridged Expose"
Role: "Light Yagami"

Ligh1Dork - "Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Abridged"
Roles: "Extras"

Anime/Video Game/Comic/Manga Fandubs

Schopsyva - "Fisheye Placebo Tribute"
Role: "Vance Lee"

Dr_Bonehead - "Tower Of God Dub"
Role: "Hansung Yu"

Shizukanee - "Castaways (Fire Emblem Fates Supports and Comic Dubs)"
Role: "Corrin"

Sonic12o3 - "Persona 5 Manga Anthology - A Highschooler’s Holiday Dub"
Role: "Akira Kurusu"

Rainie - "Persona 5 Comic Dubs"
Role: "Akira Kurusu/Joker"

Yumeparadox - "Legend Of Zelda Comic Dubs"
Role: "Link"

Rainie - "Food Wars! English Fandub"
Role: "Soma Yukihira"

KiraVA - "Miraculous Ladybug Fan Comic Dubs"
Role: "Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir"

twirtlequeen - "Sonic Free Riders Fandub"
Role: "Shadow The Hedgehog"

twirtlequeen - "Sonic Adventure 2 Fandub"
Role: "Knuckles The Echidna"

Nessy - "Haikyuu!! Fandub"
Role: "Lev Haiba" + "Extras"

SenpaiFruit - "Seraph Of The End Fandub"
Role: "Makato"

AllenTheUltimateGamer - "Yuu Goes Berserk Fandub"
Role: Crowley

KiraVA - "Tightrope - Durarara!! x2 Fandub"
Role: "Izaya Orihara"

KiraVA - "Mystic Messenger Comic Dubs"
Roles: "707" + "Unknown"

DandelionKait - "Ouran School Host Club Fandub"
Role: "Tamaki"


"You really have a very definitive sound and it's so clean. Out of all the people that I have looked for tips or little things to work on, your confidence really shows that you're ready for what you're doing. It's inspiring."
- Talon Sims

"You have the talent, the heart, the manners, and the personality that anyone would like ^^ You are an all-around miracle buddy."
- TrueMyriad

"You somehow always manage to put a smile on my face even on the shittiest of days and I'm grateful not only to have you as a friend but a director :)."
- Nullify

"On top of your (objectively) attractive voice and high level acting, your humility and genuine interest in others are worth emulating. The world needs more people like you!"
- Dave Soltura

"There isn't a large enough character count to sing your praises my brother but let me just say of the few people who inspire me in character and in person you're up there. Godspeed Godknight ;)"
- Sichopsyva

"I'm super proud of the voice actor you've become man, you have no idea!"
- Jace Willcutt

"Other people’s abilities pale in comparison to yours. The emotions portrayed in your voice are phenomenal, no matter the character you do. Most any character suits your voice... I just thought you should know I look up to you as a voice actor."
- Kitten

"Your voice is amazing. It's perfect for VA."
 - Quinn Sherr

- KiraVA

"I could totally see you being an anime VA."
 - Yumeparadox

"The new hot Vocaloid storming the Scene! GODKNIGHT!!!"
 - DuhAsianVA

"You're a good VA, buddy."
- Sword of Swords

"u good."
- Star Link

Casting Calls and Auditons

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