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Important note to directors who may wish to cast me:

     Please don't be deterred by this, but I won't use any profanity for unpaid projects. If you want me to bend my morals, it's going to cost you. I try to avoid conflict by only auditioning for roles I'm okay with, but I may occasionally accidentally jump into something I don't fully understand. Just trying to be fair and give a heads up.

About me:

     Hey all, Fredrick here. I have been doing stage performance with community theaters since 2016, and although it's been fun, I feel like it may not have been quite what I wanted. Hopefully the things I've learned from stage acting caries over well to voice acting. Since I am new in the scene, I am mostly looking to gain experience, but don't hesitate to ask for my services, if you think that I already have adequate skill for your project.

     I also do some video editing, with most of my experience being in making AMVs, but I feel I'm too new here to commit to anything big just yet. I just mention it to let y'all know that this could be an option for those who may want an assistant video editor in a project I voice in. I will update this in the future when I feel I can take on bigger tasks and become a lead video editor.

     More details about me can be found below on this page. To those that made it this far, thank you for taking an interest in myself and in what I have to offer!


Until I get better equipment, I will take the listed payment for projects that I join. The only exceptions are projects that pay crazy low for a crazy high work load.



Case Closed English Fandub Clip  [Link]
Director: Fredrick K (Me)

My Role(s): Insp. Maguire, Det. Moore, Conan, Jimmy, Rachel, Wilder, "Nigel," Arcade Zombie, Child 1&2

In Progress

Tokyo Mew Mew 5 Clips English Fandub

Director: Juliantruant

My Role(s): Pie, Tart, Masha

Dokidoki Pretty Cure! Full Series Fandub

Director: Angel18

My Role(s): Raquel

Tokyo Mew Mew Full Series English Fandub

Director: WaffleoRai

My Role(s): Referee 1, Friend 2

SuperBirds X - Holiday Disaster

Director: gcs1992

My Role(s): Nicholas V "Santa Clause"


Casting Calls and Auditons

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