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    valley girl
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My name is Evee H., also known as Forever Evee. Thank you so much for visiting my page!

Well, I am an energetic ball of fire who has had a passion for acting since I was very young. I've studied theater most of my life, and am very devoted to my craft. Feel free to chat with me! Let's work together on your next masterpiece!

I also invite you to my other pages to check out some other works I've done. :)

(Here you can see me attempt to figure out how to use Tumblr)

(Here you can see my poems and written work)

(Instagram stuff; videos and pics of doing what I do--currently under construction)


Shoot, doing this thang for free. :) But no complaints if you want to pay, either. xD



AllyPhillips -- Celestials: A Constellation-Themed Idol Group -- Cancer

* Animevoiceovers -- I Love Yoo Fandub -- Yui Hirahara

* Ashurvok -- The Wicked + The Devine Fandub -- Laura Wilson & Ameterasu  (

* Berto -- Madoka Abridged/Magia Report Fandub -- Yachiyo Nanami

* DevaniGaming -- Fuuka! Abridged -- Fuuka Akitsuki (

* Elesinian Productions -- Ophelia -- Anastasia  (\

*Justin Morton -- Radioverse Podcast -- Multiple Characters and Singers (

* Kurt Peterson -- The Call of the Flame: An Audio Play -- Nix  (

* LucyLondon -- Statement of Officer Felton: A Short Audio Drama -- Officer Charlotte Felton

* MissEljebel -- Mother's Cure/Horror Story -- Cosima

* Mushi -- Strifebox TV/Radiostuck -- Kanaya Maryam

* Oak -- Carnival Phatasm Fandub -- Ciel

* Olle Henriksson/thealien659 -- The Walking Dead: Issue #3 Motion Comic -- Andrea Harrison (

* The Technomancer -- Fate Apocrypha Abridged Fandub -- Ruler

* Westminator -- Don't Starve Together Animation -- Charlie   (

* Yitexity -- Zootopia: Savage Company -- Skye

* Zaydini47 -- Master of Eternity Fandub/Video Game -- Emily (


* Kulkum & The WyvernsWeaver -- Zootopia: Sunderance/Animated Trailer --Judy Hopps   (


Casting Calls and Auditons

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